Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bump Ahead

We are adding another little girl to our family....
Due to arrive the last week in April

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winning Season

Dylan just finished an amazing season of flag football!

As a parent you come into every season not expecting much, cause you can't.  We noticed early on that Dylan's team was mostly all...well, short compared to the other teams.  They lost their scrimmage game and also their first season game.  However, after that they found their groove, they learned to work together and pulled out victories for the rest of the season and also in their tournament game for the first place position!!!  They worked hard to get to the top!  I was so proud of them!  
Dylan was also the official, but very unofficial QB for the team.  After the first few games he struggled with this and complained to me that he wished the coach would put him in as a receiver when they played offense.  He realized how much pressure and sometimes disappointing it can be to be the QB.  But as the season continued he came to enjoy it and realized how much he was progressing.  He did an outstanding job!  I even overheard a parent from the opposing team talking to his wife who had missed the game say  "their QB was this short kid who could throw amazing!"  I'm just proud that he continued to grow even though it wasn't always easy!
This is Dylan's good buddy Johnathan.  This pair  made so many touchdowns!  They both have football blood.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


We love when our good friends, the Cleverly's from Boston, come to stay with us.  Luckily, they will be here to stay next month!!!  We'll practically be neighbors!
It doesn't hurt that our kids LOVE each other and can't get enough of each other! Oh and that our hubbies are Utah Utes football buddies and that Emily and I love to run together.  It's like a match made in Heaven!

Friday, November 2, 2012


We sure had a Happy Halloween!  

Our Minion...

 Our pop star turned witch at the last minute...


 I tried to talk her into one of the costumes I made for Ashlyn but she was determined to be a witch...