Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Catch Up

I know, I've been a blog slacker.  Just too many other fun things going on and not enough time to write about it.

We had a fun Cinco De Mayo party with some friends and neighbors.  We of course had yummy food, but the pinata was the big hit, literally!  There was a down pour so we had to do our pinataing (probably not a word, but I like the ring of it) in the garage.  Kamryn was thrilled by the idea of a pinata.
 Just for documentation purposes... A package came and I was slow on putting it away.  This is what I found after a long period of unusual quietness...Styrofoam was EVERYWHERE.  It was full of static so it clung to everyone and everything.  Therefore, it got tracked throughout my entire house as well.  Luckily, Corbin turned out to be a good cleaner and I kept my cool.
Hammer, Connor's cousin, came to town which is a great excuse to head to the beach.  Corbin had one thing on his mind...
 Flying a kite

 We enjoyed the sand, and we can't leave without making our traditional mermaids...
 These girls couldn't get enough of the waves, Dylan didn't let Hammer get out of a game of pass and I enjoyed watching this blissful day!
And of course, I never did post about Easter.  Nini picked out these adorable outfits...
 She brought them out when they came for Dylan's baptism.  So it was eating a hole in Ashlyn's closet for weeks.  She could barely stand it.

We never miss strawberry season.  This year was no exception.  The strawberries were exceptional and made exceptional jam. You can't tell, but Kamryn is CAKED in strawberries.  I had a difficult time picking strawberries and at the same time meeting her strawberry demand.  When she wanted a strawberry she would say "hey."

And we have been enjoying our friends and fun out door activities in Raleigh!  Especially Pullen Park.
Can you tell these two love each other?

I also had a fabulous Mother's day weekend.  I flew up to Boston and ran the Cape Cod Ragnar.  It was GORGEOUS!!!  And fun.  I think we cried from laughing more than once in our van.
I then got pampered by my family all day long!  A good day for recovery!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cape Cod Ragnar

Check our my lovely mothers day weekend adventure at

Friday, May 4, 2012

Quest for Kona

Tomorrow my little brother, Jameson, is racing in the St. George Iron Man in hopes to qualify for the Hawaii Iron Man (the Boston Marathon of Iron Man's).  He has worked so hard and his YOUNG family has sacrificed so much for this event.  I have been so impressed to see him rise from a "non-runner," surpass me and become a national triathlete!  You can get an amazing background found on his blog here.  You can watch the St. George Iron Man live here starting tomorrow morning at 8:30 ET.  His bib number is 550 and he is wearing bright orange and white.  I am ever impressed by these amazing triathletes.  I don't know if I will ever have the desire to do an Iron Man, but I cry when I watch them cross the finish line!