Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas and More

It's been a "little" busy at our house trying to get a house ready for listing and showings, thus the long hiatus from blogging posts.  But we are thrilled that we get a chance to move back out West closer to family.  We will really miss our beloved Raleigh and friends!

Early December Dylan earned his Wolf. I think I should get a badge too!  He is an amazing kid.

Nini and Poger (Connor's parents) came to see us for Christmas- What a treat.  Here we are acting out the nativity...  Don't you have a princess on a red Donkey in your Nativity?

We enjoyed a variety of beverages for Christmas Dinner...

We enjoyed winter time swimming at Nini and Poger's Hotel.

Ashlyn just went back to school two days ago.  She has been tracked out since before Christmas.  About 6 months ago she asked to get her ears pierced.  I had her earn it but when time came, she decided she wasn't ready.  She announced she was now ready.  I was expected the worst (she can be a drama queen) but she didn't even blink an eye!  It's amazing how cleaning her ears causes her more "pain" than did the actual piercing!

Last week Raleigh had it's first "snow" storm.  Of course they were ready to shut the whole city down. (We will really miss the South!)  The ice was melted by noon but we did go out and play in what we could.  The trampoline was like a ice skating rink.

Of course Kamryn just wanted to eat it all (she loves ice).

Ashlyn and Corbin got to go to a really cool birthday party where they were "instructed" how to paint a painting.  But I am sure you can imagine how focused a room of mostly 4 year olds can be.  

Corbin is a swift painter.  Good and Done...

However, each day I learn more and more about Ashlyn's personality and how detailed oriented she can be, how much she desires to follow the rules.  I'm scared, cause I guess she is turning out more like me than I thought (except she doesn't get her sassiness from me, of course!)  She is very proud...