Thursday, February 17, 2011

New and Improved

I have promised a video for a long time. Here it finally is. Still, I am not quite done with all that I have envisioned for this house. We have been doing a lot of painting, but we are reaping the rewards. I didn't realize I would enjoy color so much! Enjoy!
If you want to refresh your memory of what it looked like before we redecorated click HERE.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big 3

And when it's Dylan's birthday we know it is also this cutties birthday as well...
My sweet little guy turned 3 on Sunday the 6th. He is talking more, and with that it seems he has also getting more frustrated (aka throwing tantrums.) But he is still that warm, cuddly man I have always loved. He continues to surprise me with his generosity and kindness towards other. Love you big man!
We got him these new cars called Automoblox, they were a big hit! He also picked out his own dump truck thanks to Gigi! And he of course loves his new remote control car (thank you Tutu) which Kamryn is also intrigued with. So to say the least, we have a lot of new toys that are keeping my little people a little more occupied that normal. That is a gift to me!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Friday this handsome fella turned 7
Instead of worrying about how old he is I am more worried about how old he makes me and how I only have a year left to prepare him for baptism!

We "kicked off" his 7th year right with a football themed party.
Dylan was very adament that this party be a Utah vs. BYU party. So everything was blue and red.
When our guests arrived they autographed a football of choice.
They then headed upstairs for Coach Connor's Football training Camp.
There was a lot of hiking, punting, throwing, jump n' jacking, and push upping.
Then they raced through a obstacle course...
Running down the line
Crawling through a tunnel with ball in hand...
Around the cones, high jump over your "opponent" and into the end zone.
Finish it off with Football game foods with a football cake and ice cream!

I am so proud of Dylan. He is brimming with enthusiasm for life. If I bragged about all of Dylan's talents we might be here too long.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whey Are You Wearing Pajamas?

This is what Ashlyn chose to wear today...
Her pajama top, a skirt and some leggings. Better, but I did have to give her my regular reminder... "Now Ashlyn, you know that we don't wear pajamas to school. You can wear them at home but not when we leave home." Am I a mean mom? I mean who wouldn't want to live life in their pajamas, I sure do! But I do have to set some boundaries!

Without missing a beat she said "these aren't pajamas, this is a warm up suit." Props for that girl! I just laughed, she earned her right to wear her pajama top today!

For all of you who are still clueless... YOU MUST watch Despicable Me. As you can see we love it. I am hoping this memory will help me add a smile and a laugh when handling Ashlyn and her clothes.