Sunday, February 28, 2010

Night at the Circus

Thursday night we went to...

I think it was a first for ALL of us! Here we are before the show (I squished Dylan (not a hard thing to do at this point), luckily he got over it pretty fast.
By far the kids thought the animals were the most entertaining. I doubt the law of Physics has much impact on the way they think as of yet, so the magic tricks were not as eye catching. Overall, we had a blast. However, because of the late night we did have three cranky little people. The crankiness however has not completely subsided. I can't tell if is just life or still impacted from all the fun?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Top 10 Skills

You know you have mastered motherhood when you have attained these talents...
1. Can put on /change a diaper while child is still in motion

2. Can interpret any scream/grunt by a toddler- one that has a possibility of 1,000 meanings

3. With a plethora of sleepless nights and trips to the doctor you probably could have a MD in pediatric medicine!

4. Cry when they go to their 1st day of school (or any first for that matter)

5. You feel like you could literally sleep for a week

6. You can get out the door in 5 min or less with all persons clothed and shoed (notice I did not add anything else)

7. You return home with all items on your grocery list (Again, I did not mention that you are necessarily sane)

8. You showered!!!!

9. You found time to read your scriptures before 9pm

10. Your kids have good manners

I never said I am successful at any of these! Now, let's add to that list, What else did I miss- what makes you feel like a successful mother???

Here is also a list of roles a mother takes on, what we really are...

party planner, chauffeur, chef, baker, singer, story teller, maid, laundry mat, creative artist, historian, stylist, Tailor, money manager, psychologist, lifeguard, decorator...

again, what did I miss- what else do you do?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

I will spare you with all the mushinesss...

But this is MY man and I am so sorry to all those who lost out on having him...
He makes my life WONDERFUL! I couldn't be happier!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lego Party

Now I can't take all the credit for this one. Again, my creative friend Rochelle did this over the summer and it seemed doable. But I guess I can take credit for the work I did do.

First we did the Lego drop...
Standing on a chair and seeing how many Legos we could get into a jar in one minute. Chauncey won with a whopping 14! As you can see Corbin had to do it to0. He got more joy out of throwing the Lego's and watching all the boys scrounge to pick them up.

We did a Lego scavenger hunt. They had to find all the pieces of Legos and put them together right to read the next clue. Which lead them to...
Edible Legos!!!
We did a musical Legos game. Whoever ended up with the Lego piece got to choose one of each of these... (don't worry, I hit an awesome sale at the Lego store!)
(luckily they didn't figure out that they should really try to keep the Lego instead of get rid of it!)
Then Lego cake and ice cream...
Lastly, "human Legos"...
which ended up like this...
Thank you to all who could come!! We had a blast.

Friday night we had a family birthday bash. The boys had fun opening their presents from us. Sadly, Ashlyn was feeling quite left out. Hopefully when this little girl comes it will help her feel more included when they have birthdays close.
Dylan's favorite gift...
Corbin's favorites...
And a plush Lightening McQueen, (which sadly mom, I don't have a picture of.) But he won't sleep without it. It almost had to come to church today!
We had so much fun!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Corbin is 2

And another Birthday Boy... Corbin who turned 2 today. Let's not forget to say happy Birthday to his Aunt Cami and Grandma Nini too!!! What a fun day- just wish we were all together.

My 2 favorite things about Corbin:

1. He is my cuddle bug, he kisses me, hugs me (well squeezes), and plays with my hair! Oh, how I love it! I can never seem to get enough of him.

2. He is so kind and loving, I have barely had to teach him to share and he just loves any attention any other kid will give him.

There are obviously more than just 2 things that I love about my little Corbin, like the way he runs, and the way his hair refuses to lay flat and the way he tries to be funny. But this could go on forever!

Happy Birthday my little dude!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dylan is 6!

Today was Dylan's 6th Birthday. I am so proud and amazed at the kid he has become. Hard to believe he is already 6. Looking back at these 6 years, we have done a lot, come a long way!
But these are 6 things I love most about my Dylan:

1. His energy- it keeps me going, even though I often complain about it
2. The way the excitement and joy radiates in every part of his face- it is like it literally lights up
3. His determination- it is as strong as mine- and so he succeeds at so many things that he does
4. He loves his family and he is often showing it
5. He loves to learn, he keeps wanting more.
6. Yet he is not to big to still give kisses his mom in front of all his friends

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MORE Snow Days

If your yard and street looked like this....
Do you think they would cancel school for the third day in a row, while it is 55 degrees outside, have delayed start tomorrow, and then schedule a makeup day THIS Saturday???


Would you send your son to school when his own birthday party is scheduled?
P.S. It is "supposed" to snow again this weekend!!!! What will we do????????

Red Wreath

So I made this way cute wreath...
I got the idea from my friend Rochelle. I just get ticklish all over when I look at it. However, I want to know how she got her kids to help? Mine weren't nearly as helpful. And this is the first time I have wished I did not have a red door, to show it off a little more!