Sunday, August 23, 2009

CSN Syndrome

My friend Anna suffers from FOMO syndrome (fear of missing out) and while I was reading her post I realized I have a couple syndromes of my own! So I have diagnosed myself with CSN syndrome (Can't Say No Syndrome.) Literally, I just can't do it! The only time I can say no is if I really do have a valid excuse.

If you wanted to know, I think I also suffer from the CDATTHIC syndrome (can't do anything till this house is clean syndrome.) and the ITIASIHTG Syndrome (If There Is A Sale I Have To Go Syndrome.) I am sure Connor would attest to the validity of all of these!

Sorry I had to put this in.

So what diagnosis do you have for yourself? What are your little quirks?

Friday, August 14, 2009

True to Who I Am

So this is another Tag I have put off far too long, but it sure is fun...

From my friend Marilyn:

How do you stay true to YOU?

This seemed to come up as a theme in tonight's book club. We read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Someone mentioned that her sister once told her that one way to stay true to yourself through the years is to pick 5 alternate careers you would have chosen had you not done what you are currently doing, been able to get married, or had kids. (Don't think too hard about the day in day out realities of the career choice or something that is necessarily practical.) Just allow yourself to dream for a few moments... Then take these career choices a step further and incorporate them into your life now somehow. These are aspects of your personality and need to be embraced. No matter where you are at in your life, you need to have dreams and faith in yourself. If I were to choose five right now in my life they would be...

1. Marine Biologist: I love ocean life in all it's forms. I would love to study plant and animal life found there- in a way it still seems mysterious and foreign. I love learning about the different ways so many of these creatures have adapted to meet the needs of living in their particular enviornments.

2. Professional Dancer: I don't know if it would be ballroom or not, but just the creativity and artistic character of it all. I love music and I love to move to it. I would also love to teach.

3. Mountain bum: I don't know if you can count this as a career, but it might have been fun for a while. Just to be a ski instructor during the winter and then a raft/rappelling/mountaineering guide in the summer. I mean, how free and close to nature can you get? (This also implies that it is far away from worldliness). And I would for sure have my Harley with me!

4. Psychologist/Therapist: There is something about helping people change their lives forever. You are giving them tools to make their own choices and be better people (almost another way of sharing the gospel), but I don't know if I could really handle all the sadness that comes with it.

5. Fitness Coach/Trainer: in all of it's varieties. It would be wonderful to help people learn how to strengthen their bodies and maximize their potential. I love to help people learn about ways to do it better and more efficiently and helping them become more (or do more) than they ever thought they could do.

TAG... You are IT! What alternate careers would you choose? They don't have to be in order just go for it. Also, make sure to add a little description as to why! If you've read mine you have to write yours. I don't want any excuses. Come on, it is not that hard.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Heading West

I am finally getting around to blogg'in our trip out West and I am going to split if up for my sake.

We haven't been to Utah in almost 2 years, so it was fun to get to go out.

I think we have been gone way too long because both boys got a lot of these from the dry air...

Bloody noses! And we were constantly nursing Ashlyn's skin from breaking out- she experienced all sorts of crazy things. But now that we are back home, this is all just a memory!

We drove down to American Fork to see my brother and his very prego wife. We had a lot of fun at the pool with them- actually we had so much fun that she went into labor just 8 hours later! So here is the new addition to the King Clan...

Introducing Lochten Enoch King

We also got to see one of my heroes in life...

My Grandfather, Max King, still going strong!

And we got a visit from 3 out of my 7 amazing cousins and my uncle David ...

We did a whole lot of swimming in the pool at the Cabin in Morgan, UT. And Dylan learned how to do this...

He watched his other cousins doing it and literally "jumped right in" the fun. This kid has no fear! We also had a Fun BBQ with some of our friends that live in Utah. We were so happy to catch up with them all- at the same time we let Connor blow out his candles and I gave him his last birthday present- a book of poems from family and friends. Thank you to all who contributed- it is entertaining reading!!!

And a trip to Utah wouldn't be complete for Connor if he didn't get to spend some time (or maybe a lot of time) on the boat doing some of this...

Well I couldn't let him hog all the glassy water!

Dylan and Ashlyn were both brave enough to try tubing! I don't know that either of them will do it again (Ashlyn got sucked under the water and Dylan thought it was too fast.)

And we had a crazy driver...

We were so exhausted most of the time that Corbin took a snooze on the boat

And almost every night we had to search to find where Ashlyn had ended up. This time she was almost under our bed...
The weather was great and so was the company! Thanks y'all!!

Mile High

We then headed over to see my parents in Parker, Co. The kids never got tired of driving the Jeep. We were surprised to see Ashlyn drive it so well, but it was a little jerky (giving Corbin a sore forehead and backhead.)

Corbin loved playing passenger.

We even hiked Devil's Head (the fire lookout.) My Grandmother hiked it with us for her second time!
The kids did great and Corbin enjoyed the ride

At the top we found a lot of these...

Lady bugs everywhere and crawling all over Morgan

This was a common sight...
The kids had so much fun with Morgan and Emma. Ashlyn and Emma even sang made up songs all the way down the mountain.

The beautiful scenery...

All of us at the top...

Corbin asleep on the hike down...

The kids also got to ride a neighbor's pony.

I think Ashlyn was born to be a cowgirl, she could have stayed all day and she was not afraid of approaching even the big horses.
We also were able to attend and sing at Carianne's Missionary Farewell. I just had to add this cute picture of her and Corbin!
We were exhausted...
We'll be back soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hurrah, Hurrah for Israel

Today my beautiful little sister doesn't seem so little anymore. She is reporting to the MTC today for her mission in Honduras. Please pray that things will calm down there so she will still be able to serve there.
She has truly grown into a beautiful woman who has so many wonderful strengths, yet she is one of the most tender, kind hearted people I know. She has a testimony that is deep and strong that shines from her in all that she does. She has a love for life that is evident by her very character. As you can see she has a love for the outdoors and all the adventures it holds.
I can truly call her my best friend and I wish I had all the time in the world to soak her up.
May God be with you till we meet again!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Double to Triple

I am determined to not buy a triple jogger for more than just one reason:
1. $$$$

2. lbs to be pushed/pulled

3. my sanity

So lately we have been improvising when I need to catch a run. Dylan is an amazing little bike rider and can keep up with me on his bike (actually, it is me that is constantly trying to keep up.)This is usually on my shorter 3 milers so that I know he won't get exhausted. But on this particular day I ended up pushing a load that looked like this...

Dylan uncharacteristically got "tired and sat on the front of the jogger and I stuck his bike in the back. The bike alone was heavier than my kids! Let's just say I wasn't running up the hills!

We recently got Dylan a new bike, he really needs gears. The poor kid could pedal his little legs so fast it looked like he was going to fly right off his bike!