Thursday, September 30, 2010

D.C. Ragnar Relay

12 Friends...
201 miles later...

Run, Drive, Eat - Repeat!

  • 12 runners on a team, 6 per van
  • 247 teams
  • 201 miles from the countryside of MD to the National Harbor in DC
  • 33 1/2 hours of straight running, day and night
  • Runner one hands off baton to runner two, two to three and on until the 12th runner hands it back to runner one. Each runner completes three legs of the race.
  • "Sightseeing" from Cumberland, MD to Washington D.C.
  • Lack of sleep!!!!!!
  • Finding a spot to rest between the rows of sleeping bodies
  • Showering in a high school locker room with 40 other women
  • Running at night with a head lamp, butt lamp and reflective vest
  • Watching 3 members of our team FINISH their first running race EVER!!!
  • Teammates handing me a shampoo sample packet instead of a Gu energy packet
  • Mountains as tall as Everest and heat like the Sahara
  • Pumping and dumping every few hours, and of course missing my baby at home.
  • Van 2 being rudely awaken by a girls soccer team (guess they double booked that field
  • Pitch dark porta potties
  • The "Do not resuscitate" and "We've got the Runs" teams
  • The train that felt like it was going to run right over us
  • The nonstop texting chimes from multiple different phones, to alert us when we would be on duty or the over van checking in on us.
  • 11 new wonderful friends!

Nothing brings twelve people closer together than being stuck in a rented, small, stripped down, stinky, minivan running on no sleep for over 33 hours!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Adding To The List

As if a New...

Seminary calling for Connor

wasn't enough!

I have never had a calling for more than a year (usually due to a move) this time is not an exception. I have retired my primary chorister days (for now) and am venturing into the world of...

Primary President

I am absolutely overwhelmed and humbled. Many recent experiences have noted that this is a call from our Father in Heaven. I know that this is for my learning and refining. I am glad to say that I have some wonderful women to work with and who I will be DELEGATING to!!

This is not in a means to gloat but to open my doors for all your advice!

It is also a warning- Never think that because your husband has a time consuming calling does that mean that you are off the hook!! There are no "get out of jail cards" in the gospel!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have found a new favorite baby invention. The Boon Spoon! I love it! Of course my sister-in-law, Michele, gave it to me (she seems to find all the nifty stuff.) I stashed it away wondering if I would ever use it because my first three kids did not want to have anything to do with baby food or baby cereal. We recently pulled it out of it's wrapping and gave it a try. LOVE IT! I am going to have to go get a second one!
Every mommy needs one. It is almost like a baby food bottle! Every mom's dream come true! So here is my raving review:
  • cuts down on the mess and spills
  • allows one hand to be free- which makes it possible for me to get a meal in also!
  • It has a lid, making it portable!!!!!!
  • The bottom is clear so you can see how much is left.
  • Feeding time is cut in half!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trampoline is back

Quiet Trouble

Mornings are always a hectic time of day, from making lunches to making sure everyone is clothed, diapered and fed. I always seem to think I can fit more into my mornings than is really possible. If it were my choice, I would always leave the house spick and span. But spick and span have no meaning at this hour.

Today was a usual morning (besides the fact that Connor is out of town and I was up for in time for Seminary because the substitute was late.) Often Corbin and Ashlyn wander off and do their imaginary play thing, which is great! I noticed it was awfully quiet. Something that is so unusual that it strikes an uncomfortable cord deep inside (all you busy mothers know what I am talking about.) I, of course, decided to enjoy it for a minute longer as I finished spoon feeding Kamryn. Ashlyn came trotting down the stairs just moments later. I instinctively asked her if Corbin was with her. He wasn't.

That was the moment that struck fear into my heart. Corbin is my lovey, dovey child, but he is also my child that does "those things." You know, "those things" that engrave memories for story telling. The stories you tell when you sit with other couples playing the "who can top that story" game.

I ran upstairs to find him, trying not to show my anxiety. I found him in my bathroom quietly, and of course happily, playing in my nail polish. I screamed (a thing I completely regret, and something I shouldn't do before evaluation the scene.) I think I scared him more than anything.
As I was quickly cleaning up his left leg (remember it is pre-school time) I realized I might need to take a picture so that I could laugh about this later. So this picture excludes the addition of an entirely pink left leg. It took longer than I had imagined to clean it all up. Luckily, he got only the tile and not a single dot of nail polish on my bathroom rugs! At least he is a neat-messy maker!
He also found my little paint brush I use when painting french manicures. That was of course part of the mess. But can I blame him? He just wanted his nails painted. Is that too much to ask? Maybe it is when you still don't talk very well, you found the nail polish and you learned how to open the bottle yourself!!!!!

To be honest my older two have not gotten into much and I have not been a hard core baby proofer. I am learning my lesson this time around! This boy is hard to be mad at, he is truly my most gentle and kindhearted child!

Here are Corbin's other reckless moments:
  • pen deeply engraved on the wall just prior to moving
  • Vaseline slathered all over his arms and legs (again luckily he did not get it on any furniture)
  • marker (let me clarify, this is a dry erase marker) on the couch, rug and plush rocking horse
  • opening candy at the store without permission (this really drives me crazy since I am very occupied at the register, I mean whoever thought of putting every kind of candy known to man at check out did not have children of their own!!!!)
  • running away from me in the stores and playing hide and seek in the clothes racks
  • sticking plastic lizard tails in light sockets
Tag, your it, tell me your worst stories!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of summer

This summer was so long and tiring, yet I somehow can't believe it is over. The air here has given us it's indication that fall is on it's way (the humidity has let up, what a great relief.) I have found myself desperately holding on to each day. A month ago I prayed that the summer would quickly expire, only so that the stress would be over. This summer has brought so many wonderful blessings. We have enjoyed getting to know and love our new little Kamryn even more as well as our new home. I am just glad that we were able to choose a house, close and move in to it, all in less than a month!

The kids are LOVING school. I was a little worried that Dylan was going to YET another new school. But he said it was his "best first day ever!" What a relief! We are enjoying our ability to walk and ride bikes to school. I can't believe my first baby is a 1st grader!
And this face will tell you all about it...
This girl...

Started preschool today. I thought she was literally going to burst from excitement. She has waited so patiently. She has watched Dylan go to school for the last 6 weeks.

These cutties have become wonderful friends and cuddle buddies...
I mean, it would take a ball and a chain to restrain you from trying to cuddle with the chunky girl!
We have definitely enjoyed our share of the pool. We have been "pool hoppers" for two years now. We are stoked that we finally have a pool to take our generous friends too. And here, that is literally all you can do during the hot summer weeks! There are a few weeks the end of July and early August where the pool water actually gets too hot and it is no longer refreshing! One of many pool trains with your's truly as the engine...
And it looks like even though summer is ending THIS battle rages on...

Yes, these are Kamryn's 3 mo clothes...argggggggg!!!! I guess the 80's would have suite her well.