Monday, December 21, 2009

More Crafts For You

Before I start let me remind you this is an accumulation of crafts over the last few months. I am not crazy!

For my mom...
Ashlyn has been begging me for skirt and broach after she has been my model many a times for skirts we have made for others. My little poser!

Then I made this for my friend...

A wipe case and matching diaper case. Thanks for the idea Meghan!

And I finally got around to making Corbin's stocking: With some holly berries:This was a much easier stocking than all the other's I have made, for a refresher click here and here for just a few. Maybe I am getting burnt out. However, it looks a little bland/flat next to my other stockings. If you have any great ideas of how to jazz it up a little it would be appreciated. I was thinking maybe a few buttons or beads??? What do you think?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dylan Transforming

A few of you expressed interest in a few videos:
1. seeing a live transformation of Dylan in his Halloween costume to complete the full image of his costume
2. what goes on in Dylan's room now that we have a new bed (and our mattress is in his room.)

So here they both are, better late than never!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving In Colorado

This year we traveled to Colorado to be with my family. Everyone was there, well except our missionary, Carrie. It was a very relaxing and fun weekend. We also got to stay a whole week because of Connor's MULA (mandatory unpaid leave of absence) for every quarter. He did a TON of networking. So we got to have some fun Daddy time as well.

We are truly grateful for family and the rich blessings that come with them. We are grateful families can be together forever through the love of our Savior. We are grateful that the season is upon us that we get to embrace His gifts and love even more. We are grateful for so many things!

But here are just a few of the things we did...

Ashlyn has fallen in love... With her baby cousin, Lochten. She wanted to help care for him in every way possible. She actually was a big help. When he left she said she missed him. Good thing she loves babies, we just have to wait awhile!

The day after Thanksgiving we went on a hike at Castlewood Canyon. The kids had a lot of fun in the ruins...
And on the trail... Sadly, Dylan accidentally stepped/fell into the stream immediately after I explained to all kids not to get too close in case of this very incident. He wasn't too happy, I don't think the water was very warm! He got a piggy back ride out of it.
We also road the horses twice...
Ashlyn could have stayed all day, she is born to ride...
If she wasn't on the horse she was helping lead it for everyone else.

Corbin was unsure at first... The Jeep is always a big hit... (as well as my parents basement- filled with swings, a pin pong table, huge balls and tents- sadly not pictured)
Somehow the lasso came out and Dylan got hooked. He spent hours outside practicing. He and his cousin, Morgan seriously took on the task of trying to lasso a wild rabbit. They soon settled for just trying to catch one by hand.
As you can see, Dad was the easiest thing they could catch...
Then we found out that the neighbors had a rabbit. That satisfied the rabbit need- a lot easier than catching one!
We took the kids to the Denver Zoo. We loved it. All the kids said they loved the monkey's the best, they gave off quite a show... (but this is a snow jaguar)
And we couldn't leave without seeing the pachyderms...
We were so lucky to have such great weather the first few days. The cold weather at the last part of our trip helped remind us how mild our winters are in Raleigh (we went from a high of 10 and flew to a high of 59!)
Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Painting Away

I have finally finished my first masterpiece (if you could really call it that.) My kids' room has been looking quite bare and finding the right wall hanging seemed impossible. So why not just do it myself. I put this project off for a long time because I was afraid of the unknown. But it has been a lot of fun and often quite addicting. For aesthetic purposes, here is the painting above her bed for you to get an idea...
Now on to Dylan's ball mania portrait!

Friday, November 20, 2009

String cheese

My kids know that once it is bedtime there is no eating. If you want to eat you have to do it at dinner or before bedtime. However, they still often complain at bedtime that they are hungry!No big deal, just ignore it.
But tonight was different. I put Corbin down while Connor did the honors of finishing with the Ashlyn and Dylan. When I was done I went on to finish cleaning up. When Connor had not yet come out of their room, I knew he had fallen asleep- not an unusual incident for either of us. I snuck in to arouse and extract him.
The next morning I was making my morning rounds and found two of these...

Underneath the pillow of each of my older children. I could just imagine- Dylan sneaking two string cheeses out of the fridge and hiding them under their pillows. Waiting until their parents were gone to bed, out would come the string cheese and glory would be their song! But it didn't work as they had planned, for they too fell asleep before their reward could be reaped.

So I had to throw away two very good pieces of string cheese.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's A...

In our attempts to cut to the chase of our baby name dilemma,
Today we had our ultrasound and were excited to know the gender.
Some people wonder why we want to know, since we already have both.
Alas, the suspense of not knowing when I could is too much.
Good thing the technician could not find anything unusual
In all of the measurements and organs. We get very anxious
Right as the ultrasound starts due to the problems found in dylan's.
Luckily the gender was revealed, the baby had those legs tucked in tight.

Hidden above is the answer!!!! Just trying to prolong the suspense for all of you, have fun!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I was folding laundry and Corbin pulled this shirt out and insisted I put it on him...
But it is also true!!! Are we crazy? Yes, but excited too! We are hoping this little one will arrive on or before April 11th. Send me all the names you can. As you know, or if you didn't, that is the hardest part of our marriage- agreeing on a name! Thankfully, I am feeling much better and survived the rocky beginning. Sadly, those around me did not have much of a chance for guessing I am prego, I look well beyond my months already!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I want to know what "savings" Daylight savings is doing me? I really hate in the Fall that my kids will wake up at 5am for a week and in the spring they are never tired at bedtime. It is just as bad as traveling- except at home!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I was tired of carving before it even began, so a few of us opted to do our pumpkins a little different way...
My pumpkin (Connor said he gave me and A for effort), Ashlyn's painted pumpkin and Corbin's potato head.
Little Bo Peep and three of her sheep...
I kept wondering what would happen if I really did "get lost" - I know Corbin wanted to.

Bumble Bee...

I think next year I will have to plan three month in advance, 2 am nights making costumes only made me like Halloween a little less.
The kids, especially Corbin, loved trick-or-treating. It didn't last long, thankfully. Just enough candy to meet my "parenting tax." It was also a nice 75 degrees while we were out!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last week my friend Ali and I took the kids to Hill Ridge Farm. We went last year for one of Dylan's preschool field trips and we all loved it enough to go back.

The hayride to the pumpkin patch. Corbin was in awe...
Dylan with his pumpkin...
Ashlyn with hers...
And Corbin trying so hard to just sit on any pumpkin he can...
All the kids at one of the mazes...
The corn pit that keeps everyone happy, I wish I had one at home!!!
Levi and Corbin chill'in...

Ashlyn in Heaven (she loves sandboxes, you can only imagine)...

Dylan got really creative with the slide this year, he went down every way possible, I was just surprised they let him.
Ashlyn and Corbin in the bouncy (literally) haystack...

Ashlyn and Corbin on the School bus...

We sure had a great time, decorated pumpkins coming soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009


My Husband was giving me some weird looks tonight at dinner, not that this is very rare! However, usually it has meaning, so I shrugged it off the first time. But after the second time I gave it right back! Then there was the "aha" moment! He said, " You painted your nails." He had been watching me all during dinner- this was even one of those very long and entertaining meals that we have every once-in-a-while where everyone is laughing. Corbin was sticking both fingers up his nose on his own accord, Ashlyn was laughing uncontrollably and then there began the mouth popping (is that what you call it- where you put your finger in your mouth and as you slide it out you can pop it?) Corbin tried, and well, failed. Dylan figured it out. Anyway, I have NEVER in our married lives painted my nails. And I DIDN'T put on a nice, pretty, subtle color either- a dark purple, almost black, perfect for Halloween. I was doing my toes (a deep and ingrained fetish that I have that all started with dancing- a new thing you know about me now- they have to been nicely groomed and always painted to help other's overlook the once blistered beaten feet I used to sport) and decided to try my fingers too, why not! (Was that grammatically correct in anyway- I hope you get the point?) So this whole time he was trying to figure out what was different about me. As much as I use my hands to just talk, I was surprised it took that long!

What is your fetish?

Friday, October 23, 2009

DWTS Michael Jackson Tribute Dance

I saw this and it almost made me cry. It really was Amazing!!!! Take a look if you already haven't seen it.

See it Here.

I know this isn't the best quality video, I was trying to spare you from watching the whole episode, which you can do in great quality if you go to

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Transform Your Shirt

My friend Anna invited me over for a fun girls night. Really I was there for the food since, to me, she is a gourmet cook.

We also did a craft to keep our hands busy while we talked. This one was fun and EASY!!! I am all about easy!
All you need is an old, boring t-shirt (or anything else- bag, pillowcase etc.), fabric paint and some freezer paper! Tutorial at:
So here is what I came home with. Ashlyn was super pleased and I was glad to make a once, unworn t-shirt seem brand new and fun!
I also put a giraffe on Corbin's shirt pocket, picture didn't turn out well, so just imagine.

The possibilities are endless with this one!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finally- Some Sleep

This is what we had delivered yesterday...
So far, I am in heaven. I know I am bragging about a one night stand with my new mattress, but I really love it. We have talked for three years now about how badly we need a new mattress- and an actual bed would be cool too. Our saggy bed was giving us lots of pain and not enough sleep. So we broke down and searched, and by far I loved the Tempur-Pedics!!!

We all had a great time going to the store to pick it out- the salesman did not mind that Dylan jumped on every bed in the store. They were arranged so that he could jump in a continuous circle. He was sweaty when we left and was excited to come back the next day for the final decision.

We put our old mattress in the kids room, it fits perfectly between their twins with a foot to spare. It is now the official indoor gymnasium. I will have to post some videos of Dylan's acrobatics! I wonder how long it will take me to regret not having the delivery guys take it with them.

I will give you a more accurate review of the bed in a month! Are you enjoying your sleep?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What is it about a few sheets...

That can keep little people occupied for so many hours! I have so many wonderful fort making memories from my own childhood (watching conference in them, having sleep overs in them.) I would like to think I am an expert at it. The kids would have liked it to be permanent. I don't think Connor could have handled another week with it up. But it has been a good distraction with ALL of us being sick and therefore stuck at home.
I think Dylan is about to burst, he is on his second week of being at home, this kid is not ment for the indoors! I am also worried about all the bad habits we have formed due to my desire to baby my sick kiddos.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Big Day

We have talked about today with Dylan for MONTHS!

Dylan's Tonsillectomy
He did a wonderful job, I would like to attribute that to my amazing Child Life Skills but he really was amazing himself. He knew everything that was going to happen and it really helped. He was a trooper taking his very yucky "silly medicine" (versed) and here he is being very silly...

The anesthesiologist even thought he was funny. By far the hardest part was waking up! Harder for mom or Dylan I don't know (notice no picture for that.) He slept all morning but then he was ready to be back to his old self. We are having to get really creative to keep this kid resting! Our doctor specifically told me he needed three days of REST!!! I will feel lucky to get two!

I know it wasn't a fun experience, but I hope I did him a favor! It definitely beats my three week recovery!

We also wish best wishes to our friend Ali (Dylan's best friend's mom) who was right behind Dylan for the same procedure.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Gifts

I've been busy making birthday gifts and they are just so yummy that I had to share!
An adorable bagA Skirt with a flower pin to match
The flowers are so cute and fun, make one here, and make a quick skirt here! Happy sewing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All 13

Today Dylan passed off his 13th article of faith. I believe he knows them better than I do. I am so proud of his hard work and persistence in learning them. Well, hard work, it actually comes really easy to him! I have already seen the fruits of his labors as he is now helping Ashlyn learn them as well. However, the down side is that he sings them ALL THE TIME! He wakes up at 6 am EVERY morning and will lay in his bed singing them- inevitably waking up Ashlyn. I am sure the Lord will bless us in the end!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Our little friend down the street left this earthly life on Sunday to go live in Heaven. We did not know her long but she radiated a special spirit. She had a rare brain tumor and battled it well. I am glad to know that she is a child of God and is loved dearly. We are so grateful to know that her family will be able to see her again soon -an amazing and everlasting gift of love.