Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dylan's First Track Meet

Dylan had crazy hair day his last week of school (a few weeks ago.)  He now wishes he could wear his hair this way everyday.  Surprisingly, it stayed all day long thanks to Jaz who recommended some amazing hair product!
The week after he got out he was in a running camp for a week and on the weekend there was a track meet.  Dylan is now a huge fan of competitive running.  Let's be honest, he is a fan of anything competitive.

Dylan ran a 100 and an 800.  Please excuse the crazy woman screaming in the first video.

He won his 100m heat by a lot, even though he was looking more at his competition than the finish line.
 He also ran the 800 with all boys ages 6-12.  Since he was the only boy in his age group running the 800, he automatically got 1st place.  I mentioned this to him before the race, he was of course pleased.  I didn't know if this would change how well he decided to run.
He placed 4th over all!!!  I just loved this picture because it is of the line of placers for the 800, the boy in purple on the right being first.  Just to give you an idea of how well he did.

He was really sad that he missed his hurdles (he said they were his favorite) because between races he had to go play his last flag football game- which they won in major overtime!
Whew.  And after all that, he said he still wasn't tired!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day 2012

I am sure this might sound redundant to many of my father's day postings, but I think this man...
Has turned out to be a pretty darn amazing dad if you ask me.  I know he might not look like it from this picture, but besides being a big kid at heart, he is an amazing example and teacher.  I couldn't have asked for a better man!  

This year has brought some new challenges with it.  Because Dylan is getting older, we are trekking into some unknown parenting places.  The way Connor handled these experiences has made me even more amazed by him and more grateful.  I know my kids will be in good shape, even though I often feel like a huge mess of a mom.

So here is what Connor got himself for Father's Day...
Since all my readers are big truck fans I am sure you could all tell from the picture.  NOT!  He got himself some new tires for his truck and a lift so they would fit.  I have noticed more men drooling as I drive by in it.  Can't say I understand it, but I love that he loves it!

And of course we treated him the best we could and made him wear his silly homemade tie (which I don't have a picture of, but you can get the idea of it by looking at the last two years.)

And of course I know he wouldn't be the amazing man he is without having such a great dad himself.  So thank you to Roger for setting the bar high!  And I am so grateful for my own Dad who has passed on some wonderful habits to me and who has always supported me in all that I have done.  I still remember the time I wrote one of my first papers at school, he spend hours with me.  It was then I knew how much he loved me and how smart he was!
Thank you to all the Dad's, who put their Father role first!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

10 years

Can't believe it's been 10 years since Connor and I tied that knot!  It makes me feel old to say it, especially when I said it countless newlyweds on our trip to the Dominican Republic.  We have been so busy with the kids these last 8 years we haven't done much for ourselves so we decided to splurge.

My dad flew out from CO to stay with the kids.  I left him with a frozen meal for each night and Ashlyn and Dylan were still in school.  He passed with flying colors- when we got home the house was clean, the kids were  so tired from a week of constant fun!
He may look tired from a week with my kids, but really, this is how he always is so it's hard to tell if they really wore him out.  He did say it was easier than he had expected!

 We flew into a really cute airport...
We stayed in a dreamy resort.  The first day it was like we had to learn to relax.  Then by the end of the trip we were pros. 

 We went horseback riding...
 Tested our archery skills (let's just say mine are less dusty than Connor's!)
 I killed him in miniature golf too...
 But I let him have darts...
Connor got to enjoy watching some French Open while we played ping pong in these cute huts...

 We challenged the waves kayaking...
 We played tennis, but boy was it so hot and humid...  (and yes, he killed me)
 We took a ride up to the mountains to go on a zip line course...
 We went shopping and Walmart, Target, Kohls, Sears and Home Depot.  Lucky for us, they all had the same merchandise... (you may have to enlarge pictures to see the signs)
 We had fresh Mango and now I will never be able to eat anything less...
 He husked (if that is even the right word) a coco bean...
 That is a lot of work for a little bit of bean!  We then got to taste the authentic chocolate they make with it, BEST. CHOCOLATE. EVER!  And I am a chocoholic!

We ate dinner in the beach..

 And at a yummy Asian restaurant (and many other yummy restaurants)...
 We watched a few of the evening entertainment.  The Michael Jackson show was our favorite!

And yes, we did squeeze in there some laying at the pool, sleeping in, and taking naps when we wanted!

But the kids still are in denial that Papa Steve has to leave soon!!