Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Beauty

We had a little photo shoot with a gal in my ward. She did an amazing job of capturing some precious moments of us with our new little Kamryn! I hope you enjoy this slide show as much as I do!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Stork Came

It's official- the Stork came to our house (thanks to my friend Niti!) I have never had one come before- and it is super fun!

So this delicious babe...

As you well heard, came pretty smoothly. Everyone has been asking for my side of the story since Connor had a debut on the blog with the his version.

I am not known for having contractions that are spaced out and then slowly become closer together. I start out right at 4 min and decrease from there. So after an hour of contractions like this I decided I really was in labor (Connor would say "duh" right here.) I do admit that I would have enjoyed leaving earlier than we did. So our 39 mile drive to UNC Hospital only took about 15 min! Connor was probably worried we would have another Corbin experience (pushing in the car and a baby 30 min after arriving at the hospital.) Triage took WAY longer than I had imagined, or maybe I was so tired from having no relief between contractions (now at 1 min apart.) I felt like a nag cause I kept asking when I was going to get that dang epidural. I have never had one before (excluding my C-section) and wanted to enjoy it while I could. While the anesthesiologist was putting my epidural in I had all the urges to push. My fear was that I would push her out before I had time for the epidural to take effect. This was a fear mainly due to the fact that my last two VBAC births have also been 4th degree tears- which everyone keeps telling me is "so rare." I was given a lecture on the repercussions it could have on my body if I had another tear to that degree. Thus the midwife group and all the worry- I knew I needed to be able to push slowly so I would tear less. Luckily, I had a WONDERFUL nurse and midwife on call. She massaged and oiled and coached me through all the pushing. I can say that I LOVE EPIDURALS!!! I think Connor loved it just as much. Prior to, Connor did say he thought I was going to break his hand. And with my other births I almost broke his back. This experience was surreal. It was wonderful to enjoy the experience instead of hate it and wish it were over. I was finally able to hold a baby right after birth and Connor was able to cut the cord. You would think with three other births we would have had these experiences. I only tore to a #1- which was a miracle in the eyes of all the midwives in the practice. It is truly amazing how much easier this recovery has been!

I am thankful to all of those who gave me positive advice and encouragement. I am thankful to my Father in Heaven who loves me and was able to direct me in the path that I should take for this birth and who showed me love through helping me deal with my own fears.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Post Baby Let Downs

I was SO excited to finally be able to sleep/lay on my stomach again

Let down: Milk has taken over and we are too sore for that

I was SO sick and tired of maternity clothes and hopeful that I could wear my "bigger stuff"

Let Down: There is now way! Sadly the maternity clothes look worse on me now than before!
Spring is here and everyone is out exercising, I am getting the itch to go run.
Let down: They say you can't exercise till 6 weeks postpartum
For all of those who have "non-traumatic" birth experiences- when do you REALLY start exercising??? Also- my nurse said no driving a car for 2 weeks!!! What- I am having a hard time with this one!
But... I am enjoying getting to hug my husband from the front instead of from the side!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blessing Kamryn

We decided to bless Kamryn today since my parents are in town and they just might be the only family we are going to get around here anytime soon.

She was very happy and alert during the whole thing. One of the brothern in the circle confessed to me that he didn't close his eyes because he couldn't stop looking at her.

She was just so cute in this picture (and now I know why- she blew out just moments later)...
Here she is in the dress my grandmother made for Ashlyn. I am so happy I got to dress another Thompson baby in it! And the quilt my mother made...

Luckily, her name is still Kamryn- Connor always jokes about changing their names on me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Drum Roll

We finally have a name...

Kamryn Kelly Thompson

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Introducing NUMBER 4!

It's official! At 4:03 am at UNC Women's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC, our little girl was born. She is 7 lbs. 9 ounces and has really big mouth like her brother Dylan when he was born. The greatest thing is that Michal's delivery was the best one yet, meaning she only had a minor tear and her recovery will be very quick. We left our house at a little after midnight when contractions were averaging 3 minutes apart. We got to the hospital about 30 minutes later (I was going 80 or 90 most of the way!) and we got her admitted. It seemed like the baby was going to come quickly like Corbin did, but we got her the epidural and that made everything better. Michal was able to take it slowly and there was little to no pain. She kept telling me things like "why didn't I do this (the epidural) before? what was I thinking?" Anyway, I know I rarely post on the blog, but I figured today would be as good as any. It's perfect timing too because Michal's parents are coming tomorrow! She will be released from the hospital tomorrow as well. I'm sure Michal will follow this up with a post of her own. Everything seemed to work perfectly for the delivery to go smoothly. We left the house at the right time, they got her the epidural at the right time, we had a great mid-wife and nurse on call, and the baby and mom are healthy. The only issue I have is that she was born on tax day, but I guess we can use our tax refunds in the future for her birthday presents. A name is forthcoming...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Power of Invisibility

As you can see by my counters to the right, SHE is here. But is she? Well ... I wish it were just that easy. I guess she really is, she just isn't breathing air yet! I was really hoping she would have graced us with her presence by now. However, I am not one of those "lucky" ones (which is most of you) who is pleasantly rewarded by not having to be pregnant and waiting for the "full 40 weeks." However, I know I am not the only one who has to endure being mentally teased (or is it plagued) by my so called "DUE DATE."

I DID NOT want to go anywhere today, especially church. But sitting at home would have caused more regret than it was worth. And of course, I got what I expected... 1/2 of people asked me "what are you doing here?" (Really, that made me rethink my decision) and another 1/4 of them say "aren't you going to pop?" (obviously, these are the men- like that is even possible!! But sadly, I wish it were.) So then the last 1/4 start to tell me how they went into labor, assuming that by some small chance I might have the same experience, which is highly doubtful because I don't even know how I go into labor. Then the last 1/4 (are you enjoying my math yet) of people try to give me advice on how to induce labor- I sit there and just smile because I have literally tried them all (from jumping on the trampoline to moping the floor on all fours.) They don't work! And if they worked for you, I believe that it just so happened that you were going to go into labor anyway!

So as I sat there feeling sorry for myself I truly wished I had the same powers as this Incredible:In that case I would use my invisibility powers from now until I go into labor (preferably right at this very moment.) Then I would not have to face the people I know, who keep telling me the very obvious- that I am still pregnant. And I would also not have to face the hundreds of people that give me terribly funny looks in the stores due to my hugeness! Really, they give me that "how is that even possible" look, or the "dang that sucks" look. Oh, and I could then start calling my mom again without her asking me if I am in labor yet.
I have come to a scientific conclusion, that there is NOTHING you can say to a woman who is "over due" to make her feel better- at least I haven't heard it. Kadi, my sister-in-law, wrote me an email that is the closest thing I have to comfort, especially knowing that she knows EXACTLY how I feel.
And in the weirdest way, going over a "due date" makes me dramatically less optimistic and I now feel like SHE will never come out, which is utterly impossible, but exactly how I feel. I feel extra anxious because of medical complications I have had birthing in the past. Sadly, this is not my first time being overdue!
So to all those women out there who go over due- you are my heroes!
Also, to the right is our name poll. Let me know what name you like for this little girl.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We had a very relaxing Easter. We would have loved an Easter baby, but not yet.

Dylan and Ashlyn would have colored 10 dozen eggs if I had them...

We opened our 12 days of Easter all over again in the morning. Thanks to Tutu and Papa Steve we were able to share the story of Christ's suffering, Death and Resurrection in a way that at least ONE of our kids would listen to! Corbin just kept opening them all and dumping them out. We had an very Yummy Easter Brunch with our friends, the Nichols.

They of course love the Easter egg hunt...

Corbin of course was more interested in what was inside the eggs...Ashlyn was the best egg hunter, she found more than she could carry... My sweet kiddos in their Easter clothes- Thank you Nini and Poger!!!

We also have a matching dress for baby!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

How Big Is HUGE

I have had a few friends recently complain about how big they are when they are 9 months pregnant. I would just like to say that I have never in my life seen another person who sticks out as far as I do. And here is a picture to prove it...
Now really, that looks totally fake right? But it's not! That is a real live BASKETBALL!!! Or did I swallow a watermelon without knowing it? I don't know how physics and physiology have combined to make this work. Connor still looks at me funny- in amazement. And you might think that this is a big baby, or maybe two, but it is not- maybe a 7.5 lb er at the most!
Sadly, I get so many funny compliments from strangers- one lady at the park said she would pray for me!
So next time you think your big, you can look at my blog again!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April fools

Wish I had pictures to share, but I don't.

April fools is one of my favorite holidays! I have played some good pranks in the past -from a BYU parking ticket on Connor's car to an elaborate scheme of our car being stolen and left at a gas station (that took quite the planning!)

This year I had to be a little more simple. I put food coloring in the bottom of the kids cereal bowls so that when I poured the milk it all changed colors. The boys didn't seem to mind much, but Ashlyn DID NOT like that one at all. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to eat her first bite.

I also gave Dylan a Chore Camp Brochure and told him we were sending him for a week since he is off track for 4 WEEKS!!!! At first he didn't really react. When I brought it up again when Dad got home he had a meltdown.

I splattered yellow water all over the toilet and floor right before I knew Connor would use it. Even after he knew what it was he still treated it like urine!

There was so much more I wanted to try! I will save them for next year! I hope all of you had some fun on April fools!