Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas AT HOME for the first year of our married lives! It was nice not to pack all our gifts and change time zones. But we did miss our family dearly!

We got a big Christmas surprise...

Yes, snow! In North Carolina, and a lot of it. I don't think NC has had a white Christmas since 1947 and not this much in at least the last 10 years! Of course this meant no church and a few extra days at home! What a great gift! We used it to watch Joy to the World, The Testaments, and Finding Faith in Christ.

Of course we immediately went out to play in it...
Dad got his exercise...
Dylan spent every moment he could in it...
We (the mom's and dad's) built two snow forts for a big cul-de-sac snow ball fight. Boy was it fun, but my arm is sore!
But it was worth it.
I was reminded (by my welts) of how accurate and hard Dylan throws. Too bad he wasn't on my team!

We enjoyed making our own Thompson Traditions:
  • celebrated Joseph Smith's Birthday on the 23rd
  • shopped for our family gift exchange
  • bought an ornament that symbolized the year
  • bake and deliver goodies as we caroled
  • read the Christmas story
  • enjoyed watching movies and playing games as a family Christmas Eve
  • We made reindeer milk and food to leave out Christmas Eve
  • Our elf, Ferby, was with us all of December to make sure we were nice. He went home with Santa
  • We enjoyed doing a service ring and run 12 days of Christmas for someone (can't say who)
  • Big Breakfast Christmas Dinner, German pancakes and all- just thinking about it makes me salivate!

Fun Memories:
  • Ashlyn loved Caroling, she practically begged us to go before it was even close to Christmas. She could have gone all night long if we hadn't said "enough." Dylan disliked caroling to the same degree as Ashlyn loved it.
  • Dylan picked Ashlyn's name for the family gift exchange. That was the last person in the world he WANTED to give to, but it was good for him!
  • Ashlyn almost didn't make the "nice" list
  • Corbin, Ashlyn and I did so many puzzles- we love dollar store puzzles of our favorite characters
  • Ashlyn was desperate to see the reindeer, she wanted to pet them. She didn't so much care about seeing Santa.
The most argued over gifts in our house:
  • bakugons
  • key car
  • back pack
Yes, this was Corbin's gift, and he loves it! Ashlyn tries to sneak it away from him. We are also using the cold winter weather as a reason to stay in and potty train. Good luck to all of us!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with the Spirit of our Savior and the love of his sacrifice. We hope that this will continue throughout the coming year. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

We love our driveway

I know, such a silly thing to be grateful for.
But if you had only seen our last driveway you would understand. It was a deathtrap. We never enjoyed riding our bikes so much!
Now the kids spend hours riding their bikes down the slow incline into the garage.
I think it might be wise for us to pad the back wall of the garage!
Corbin learned to pedal, he also learned to have no fear. He gives me a small heart attack when he rides down too fast. After seeing him smile about that we quickly got him a helmet! Luckily, they had a Disney Cars helmet. Never have I been so grateful for characters plastered on things for my kids to wear (pet peeve.)
As you can tell, these pictures were taken weeks ago.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Is Here

Our first snowfall came...
... a week ago. I know winter came to y'all a while back, but it just came to Raleigh. We had a long and amazing fall. Then all of a sudden it snowed. I know this is no big deal to all my Northeastern and Western friends, but it NEVER snows this early here. So it was pretty exciting, AND, it stuck! We couldn't resist and had a snowball fight and made a snowman. Sadly, it has only gotten colder since the snowfall. I don't know if my blood has thinned or if this warm weather has made me tender, but it sure has been darn cold!!! I find myself wearing multiple layers and dusting off my thermals.

Connor happened to be putting up our Christmas lights up just as the snow started to fall.
I went on a few runs this week, the whole time the advantages to a gym membership where looking quite enticing- something I rarely consider. But dang, it has been cold. Bundling up the kids took a good 1/2 hour and then it took another 1/2 hour for me to defrost my bottom and my bottom lip! I will try to remember this feeling when the humidity returns in the summer!

Monday, December 6, 2010

State Fair

This post is long past due. Connor and I have been making a priority to go on dates with our children. It was my turn to go out with Dylan. The State Fair was up and running. So we decided to go.

I would have to admit that the only reason I wanted to go was because EVERYONE in the city of Raleigh goes EVERY year and they count down the days till it comes again. On the other hand, it has NO appeal for me whatsoever. However, I have a deep ingrained desire to never be left out of anything fun, so I talked myself into taking Dylan for just an hour or two.

Dylan on the kiddy roller coaster...
The giant trampoline...
This kid loves Cotton Candy...

Memorable Moments:
1. I tried to lighten my load by only brining my credit card, which they DO NOT TAKE!!! Only out of prayer were we able to find some friends to borrow money from.
2. Feeling my heart speed race at just the sight of how many people there were- the line to park, the line to buy a ticket, the line to get on a ride, so many people you can barely walk straight. I do not like crowds, nope not at all. I am not a patient person. All of you who know my recent accidents know that they all stem from this weakness!
3. The smells- sweet and greasy foods everywhere!

But I was honored to be on a date with this cute man, who made the unbearable, bearable!

This doesn't mean you will be seeing me there next year though!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I know most of you are way past Thanksgiving. Sadly, I am just getting around to documenting mine.

We had a great Holiday. This is the first time we have never traveled and we loved it! We enjoyed getting many home projects done- which I hope to post about soon.

The week started out with planning and executing Ashlyn's preschool Thanksgiving party...
We made crayon turkeys (ours seems to have a permanent role in daily coloring activities) and "thankful for/fours"...
Ashlyn's friend Ella had her dad come in and helped us sing some very adorable kids thanksgiving songs. He was amazing...
I hosted a baby celebration party for my friend Rachel- who should be having her baby any second! Sadly, no pictures.

I got to run a 5k turkey trot Thanksgiving morning. I took women's 3rd place and got a hefty gift card to a local triathlon store. I am excited to go shopping!

Connor, Dylan and I played in the ward Turkey Bowl this year. It has been a long time since we were able to take part in this tradition. There was also a little soccer on the side...
The kids played nicely on the sidelines...
Connor was a great QB! (As you can see we are in our shorts and t-shirts.)The kids Thanksgiving table. Dylan ate almost the whole platter of 7 layer jell-o himself!
Our amazing hosts, Julie (sorry Julie, only picture I had, you still look great) and Patrick. Patrick made a MEAN turkey! We truly are grateful for such wonderful friends.
We were lucky enough to have the Sisters eat with us, what great company!
I am truly Thankful for so many things, but here are my top three...

1. My Family, I have been blessed with the most amazing husband, parents, siblings and children.

2. The Full and Everlasting gospel that brings joy and meaning into my life. I have felt this much more strongly as Connor and I devote all our spare time to our callings. It has opened my eyes to a greater cause.

3. The health of my family and I. Working at the hospital makes me more aware of this blessing.

May our days be brimming with Thanksgiving through the holiday season and throughout 2011!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tutu and Papa Steve Come to Visit

We were smothered in love from Tutu and Papa Steve this last weekend.
(Tutu and I getting in a run at Shelly Lake)

I guess I whined enough about missing my parents that they felt sorry and came out! What a blast we had! Of course we just about worked them to death doing home improvement projects and playing tag at the many parks we went to.
Dylan played his guitar for them...
Ashlyn has been waiting FOREVER for this to be hung in her room...
It is always sad to see them go. Corbin said it best- "Tutu and papa Steve stay here!"

Love you!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Night

We had a marvelous Halloween! Even though it wasn't quite as warm as last year (70 degrees while trick or treating!)

Dylan as Obi-wan-kanobi...
Kamryn was a big hit as a mermaid...
Kamryn loved kicking her legs and watching her "fin" move up and down

Ashlyn as a unicorn...
And Corbin, well... he was Corbin. I told myself I was not going to invest any time or money on a kid who is not interested in dressing up. However, at the end of today he asked to put on the "mermaid." So maybe next year???
We had a great time trick-or-treating at Dad's work and then again at the ward trunk-or-treat. Connor and I dressed up at John and Kate plus eight. Sorry, no pictures. It didn't quite turn out as great had I had dreamed. I think I also lost a baby or two throughout the night!

Tonight we had a cul-de-sac party. We ate dinner together and then sat around the fire pit as the trick-or-treaters made a one stop shop.
Here is what we ate...

Slimy Snake...
Boogers on a stick & kitty litter...
Deviled mice & penacillin pizza...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

We had so much fun Going to Hill Ridge Farm with the Edgins. Kamryn enjoyed her first time in the Corn pit. He first time sitting up by herself too. The kids completely buried Preston
We can never get enough of the tunnel slide
I went down with three kids on my lap!
Jumping on the hay, or rather a hay fight
All the kids on the hay ride (I love Dylan's face, boya!)
I know it's fuzzy, but Corbin was thrilled with the Hay ride
Hay spider at the pumpkin patch
The well loved maze. It took Corbin a few minutes to figure out what he was supposed to do
Ashlyn with her beloved preschool teacher
We had a great time on a beautiful day and came home with some great pumpkins to show for it.