Saturday, May 29, 2010


Afraid to say it but this post is long overdue. This spring we had two sets of very exciting visitors. Can I say WE LOVE VISITORS!

First our friends, the Christophers, from Boston came to see us. We practically lived at each other's apartments when we lived in Boston. I found one AMAZING friend in Brianne! I am so grateful we have been able to keep in touch and glad that they would stop by on their way to the Beach.

Right before Kamryn came Connor's sister, Cami, and her family came. We were really hoping that Kamryn would come while they were here. We did however have a lot of fun showing them all the things we like to do. We took them to the very awesome Durham Science Museum!

Ashlyn and Sophie
We anticipate more visitors- that means YOU! (seriously, come to the beach with us, it is awesome!)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More babies on the Way

Don't worry, it is not me having more babies. We are due to have some hatch soon from our little hanging pot of flowers. Look closely...
I scare the mom away every time I open the front door- which makes me feel bad. But we are terribly excited!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

1 month

Look at this beautiful girl...
Kamryn is one month old. The wise women always tell me how much faster it goes with consecutive children. And it really does, but only because I am enjoying it so much. Kamryn has been an amazing addition to our family. She is hard not to love! My favorite moments are watching Dylan lay with her before bedtime, Ashlyn mothering her by desperately wanting to put her on her "shoulder" and Corbin asking to hold "baby" and smiles at her. I LOVE when she first wakes up with all those cute noises and gruts while she stretches. She really is patient with all that happens around this house! She is very alert and happy most of the time.
My friend Becky made this adorable onesie for her. A "K" on the front and ruffles in the back. What baby bum doesn't look good in ruffles! And the adorable blanket by Aunt Kadi! This girl is OUTFITTED!
She tipped the scales at 10lbs 6 oz (90%)! She takes after the Thompson clan with her chub. She is 75% on her head cir. and 50% on her height- not soo shabby!
She is so precious that it makes me want to have another one- well until I hear the rest of the kids arguing and fighting!


After 12 long years...I finally have a truck again! Yes, this is my 2nd official post on the blog, but it's a great moment I'd like to share. So why 12 years? Well, the story goes like this. Before the mission I had a 1990 Toyota Truck (before they called them Tacoma's) that was my pride and joy. I would take it 4 wheeling regularly (even though my family still to this day thinks I got stuck in the mud in that truck more than anything). I was so excited to come home and take my truck to the next level. Well, about half way through my mission I get a letter from my my brother Joel informing me that they are selling the truck! I couldn't believe it! I just read the letter I sent my family after I found out and I was in total pain. I was affected more from that letter than I was my Dear John letter! Anyway, I'm just happy to have my truck back. And boy is it TOTALLY AWESOME! (think of the way Rhino on Bolt says it) Here are some highlights:
  • 2009 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab
  • V6 - 236 horsepower
  • Back up camera - in the review mirror
  • Bed liner and cover
  • 6,500 lbs towing capacity
  • TRD Off Road package (shocks, locking rear differential, downhill assist, etc.)
  • 31" tires - BFGoodrich Rugged Trail tires
  • A sweet interior! AUX input, radio controls on the steering wheel, etc.

Michal keeps telling me that I am acting like a child with a new toy. Well, I must admit I am ready to get my new toy covered in mud. In fact, I've even considered starting a 4x4 wheeling club that explores the Southeast wilderness. Anyone want to go? Let me know! Although I will miss my Honda Accord (we've been together since the mission) I'm sure I'll get over it. Eric Thompson and Todd Eggertson now have another family member with a Tacoma. I think it's time to resurrect the Jeep trips of years past!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Diaper Bag

This is the latest and greatest addition to the Thompson house... GO GAGA!!!
As some of you might know (from me requesting advice) I have been searching for the perfect diaper bag for four kids and this is what I found. Funded by the Lovely Mr. and Mrs. Thompson (Thank you Nini and Poger!) I have had it a few days and I am really enjoying it! My favorite feature is how it straps to my stroller and holds EVERYTHING (oh and the cool changing pad and how it will last after the diaper bag stage and it's cool shoulder strap and.... I could go on.) So yep, lovin it!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Genworth Fun Festival

We got into Genworth (Connor's new employer) just at the right time to enjoy a little family day.

Of course the first attraction the kids were (strongly) drawn to was the pony ride... Corbin happily rode all by himself! First time by himself.
And as I have said before, Ashlyn would has the immense longing for horses. She would have stayed on that pony all day long. I think we went back three times before the day was over. As we were waiting for Connor to get the car she just watched as the ponies were being loaded into their trailer.
And all of the inflatables...
This was smaller event, so Ashlyn and Corbin felt comfortable climbing in these because they weren't getting trampled by bigger kids. We enjoyed some of them all to ourselves! Corbin figured out how to climb up the slide!
And a hot day is not complete without a little ice cream...

Corbin's shirt matched his shorts and his Popsicle by the end...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Silent... But deadly

Why is it that when she has a big, nice burp there is no cottage cheese to accompany it.

But when there is no vocal warning (belch) there is spit up EVERYWHERE!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

We had a Cinco De Mayo party with some friends (yes, on Wednesday.) We had a potluck dinner at the park- my favorite of course was the real authentic stuff that someone brought from Taco Bell! The kids had a blast running around but the best part was the pinata...

Dylan is our heavy hitter...
If you look closely you can see that Ashlyn is cheating...
Corbin thought it was so cool to get to hit something...
Even the adults got to try, here is Connor (I got to be the pinata master and I was a little tough on him)...
Even our prego friend got up to try- way to go Amanda...
There were lots more pictures I didn't get, but I hope to get them soon.