Monday, June 24, 2013

Father's Day and More

We had a wonderful Father's day!  Connor proudly wore his homemade tie.

I am honored to have such a wonderful man as a husband who is an amazing example to my children.  He is the epitome of righteousness in my eyes.  He also is an exemplary teacher!

I ordered and mailed my Dad's gift to my parent's house based on habit.  However, this year I got to spend it with him in person!  I am grateful for a Father who taught me by example that living the gospel of Jesus Christ brings blessings of all sizes.  

As you can see Connor got an awesome purple tie (I'v been trying for years to get him to wear a purple tie) and sunglasses since his got lost in the Atlantic (we did a leave a piece of us in NC!)

We also were lucky enough to have more visitors from Utah!  My sister-in-law, Kamrah, and her three boys came out.  It was a blast!  My kids did an amazing job of helping her little boys do just about everything.  So it was a win-win situation.  It kept my kids busy and it freed her hands, then she was free to make dinner for me!  Wahoo!  

Mercedes and Crew just 5 months apart.  I was awed that he would feed himself (remember, none of my children have taken to a bottle)

Kids "peeing" at the pool

 Playing dress up

Lochten loved the dumbo costume so much we sent it home with him. Kamrah uses it as a reward.  Hey, whatever works, right?

Caught Mercedes smiling in her sleep. I also love when she laughs in her sleep- a glimpse into the near future.  She did start smiling when we talk to her, and even a few coo's!

Mercedes loves her big brother.  She fell asleep as he was walking her up to her bed.

Saturday, Ashlyn and Dylan experienced their first swim meet!  Ashlyn was very anxious.  And that is conservative!  Somehow I slipped away and her coaches got her to get with the program (she shows more of her emotions when I am around.)  This is how she looked (and felt) after her first event...

 Her second event was in the bag!  She's been won over!  

 Dylan swam in 5 events, yes 5!  At least 2 of his events he swam up an age group.  He was disappointed he didn't win his first event (the problem with being so competitive and talented.) This was his first event, a relay.  As you can see the kid in front of him is more than a head taller than him!  (He's in the blue swim shirt.)  

But he did when his 50 freestyle race.  A good learning day- he learned that more rapid your strokes are doesn't make you faster than the guy next to you!

And to catch up from my lack of blogging...

Ashlyn is such a great helper that she fell asleep rocking the bouncer for me.

Mercedes first run with mommy.  She did really well- as in, slept the whole time!

I found out on accident that Mercedes will put herself to sleep when I "burrito" her and lay her on my bed.  I'm thrilled that is one less thing I have to teach her in the future!  Wish I could say the same for potty training Kamryn (a disaster to say the least.)  But no ones wants to talk about poop so let's move on.

Driving and riding the jeep at my parents house.

Going bowling at an end-of the-school-year party, somehow Mercedes weathered the insanely loud music.

 We went to a Southlands Concert with my parents.  We had a picnic and enjoyed the kids events- bounce house, carriage ride, balloon tying, dancing and face painting.  Yet another event we would not have even tried to attend without my parents help!

 We really are enjoying all the family that comes to visit us and getting to see my parents often, but I can say that I have deep and extreme moments of home-sickness.  I do miss my Raleigh!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mercedes Baby Blessing

I'm only two weeks behind on my post... I guess that's just life as a mother of 5.  I've also realized there is much more that has fallen through the cracks with #5 than I anticipated.

Memorial Weekend we blessed Mercedes at church.  What a wonderful day!  We were blessed to have Connor's Dad (sad Nini couldn't make it), Connor's oldest brother, Eric, and his family, as well as Connor's sister, Laurel, and some of her family.  

Our new family of 7, wow that seems like so much more than just 6.

 The whole gang...

 Mercedes never had to be put down, she was lov'in it...

 Enjoying being outside for a BBQ and games...

We of course had to break out our Souther corn hole game...

 Dylan enjoyed learning some lacrosse with his cousins...

Corbin loved the attention his 16 year old cousin, Jack, payed to him.  Corbin followed him like a shadow.

Jack and his crazy, don't touch it, hair

 And what's a crazy, family filled weekend without a little VI?

And it wouldn't be a cousin filled weekend without fighting over who gets to sit next to them...

 We loved every minute! Thanks for coming!