Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day

Honestly, when we were in Utah I had my fill of the snow for the three weeks we were there. A couple of times this winter the weather man has threatened us with snow. However, the closest we got was 2o min of light flurries. So this time, I also was not very concerned- let me rephrase that, I am never concerned.

I am sure I posted this in last year's blog about how funny people are around here about snow. Three days before a POSSIBLE storm, they have trucks out preparing the roads with deicing whatever. Sorry, it is all a little weird to me. After that, you literally see no road "maintenance." People literally crowd the grocery stores and buy them out of milk, water, and bread. A friend of mine works at the local grocery store chain, he says the day before a storm his stores will sell 100,000 more dollars worth of groceries. Sadly, I even have friends from out West who have fallen to this ridiculous behavior. Granted, if your out of something, why not get it, but people go nuts! Don't ever go to the store the day before a storm here, go the day of!

So we woke up yesterday to this...

I know, just a few inches, but this is a lot of snow for us. It was a very slushy snow so it was very icy. These are the effects:

1. I got off of work for the day (I was very glad to escape my 12 hour shift!)

2. Only two types of stores were open (literally), Grocery stores and of course Walmart.

3. Our primary activity got cancelled

4. Church was cancelled via email Saturday morning.

5. Threats of many closures on Monday

Now, I will not complain since I am enjoying life slowing down, but it is very hilarious! So technically, people are "snowed in," they won't leave their houses. I remember living in Cleveland and wishing they would cancel ANYTHING with the 4 feet of snow we just received! It is funny the extremes we have experienced.

So I have been enjoying lots of organizing, cleaning (okay, not enjoying, but it needed to be done), and hanging out as a family!

Yesterday we did a little "sledding" at our friends house. We were one of the few people who had a real sled. Everyone has boogie boards, so that is what Corbin is using. They actually work great, in case you wanted to know!
As long as he was moving he was very happy!
And we were able to do some of this because of the icy snow...

I hope you enjoy your snow like we do!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I love my little Ashlyn, but she has been by far our hardest to handle lately. As cute and sweet as she can be she really does have an ugly side.
She does not react well to discipline- meaning she could care less. I could take away everything she owns and she wouldn't blink and eye. This particular day I had had it with her, I can't even remember what exactly it was over. I know that most of the time she hates to be locked outside- especially since it isn't exactly warm. So I locked her out of the house just as I have done a few times before. I let her cry and wine for a few minutes. Of course I was not surprised when the door bell started to ring. It was just around the time I had decided to go get her anyway. However, when I opened the door, I was the one who was surprised! Not only was Ashlyn at my doorstep with fresh tears but so was a friend from my ward. I immediately was embarrassed that she has showed up right when I purposely locked my 3 year old out of the house!
I am still hoping that she somehow understands my desperation!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


In case you anted to know (or wanted to come visit), we have had 60 degree weather for a week now and today was 70! We are lovin it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January's Random thoughts

This is what I wanted and got for my Birthday...A new way to organize Ashlyn's clothes so we won't fight so much, so far so good!
Here I am, does this look unusually large for a 28 week pregnancy to anyone else!!!!
It can't look very pretty in 12 more weeks!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Break Fun

We had a great 3 week trip to Utah, packed with fun.

This little one could live in the snow if I let her...

We went up to the family Cabin in Morgan, UT and played with cousins till we dropped!

Dylan and Carter could not get enough of getting pulled on a sled by the snow mobile...
I think Dad had just as much driving...

Corbin was a permanent fixture on the snowmobile, he literally did not want to get off. He would rather ride around than sled or go inside to warm up!!! Do you think he has the Thompson gene? And it just never gets old how cute they look all bundled up when they are so little...
And I had to get some speed out of my system too...

We ventured up to Downata Hot Spring in Idaho. It was an interesting sensation to be in a warm pool and have your hair freeze! Corbin loved it...
Ashlyn for some reason loved getting in and out and in and out, I don't know how that could have been fun...
Dylan could live in the pool especially if Carter were there (btw he can swim, but it must be fun not to have to work) ...
Dylan loved tubing! He never got tired of it...
Maybe because he loved to do this on purpose... (crashing into Carter and biffing) The only other thing we found that Corbin liked to do in the snow was swing...
He ended up falling asleep there.

When the snow finally got more sticky, Dylan realized there was an endless amount of ammo to throw at everyone who moved. He loved using the tree house has his snow fortress to bomb us. All of those who have come in contact with Dylan's arm will understand how much "fun" this snow ball fight was...
Ashlyn loved the swing too...

And we couldn't leave without making a giant snowman with Alex, Ann and Todd...

While Connor went to "work" we ventured out to Boondocks to play on the Kiddy Cove! I only got one bad picture, but I think all of us enjoyed it...
We went with Jenny and Laurel the the Children's Museum. Ashlyn loved helping all the other children checkout at the super market...
Dylan and Andrew played in the water until we had to pull them away...
The helicopter was a HUGE hit! Even though it was quit cold, they didn't seam to mind...
We also visited a few friends, sang at Nini and Poger's (Connor's parents) mission farewell (leaving to Barcelona, Spain mission), went to a cousin's guitar concert, enjoyed an amazing Christmas Eve nativity, went bowling with my little brother for his birthday, treasured every moment with cousins, enjoyed many a night of interrupted sleep attached to late nights and early morning (time change and too much fun with cousins), and two ear infections and a few colds later we are finally home! We now appreciate our warmer weather and moister climate more!
Thank you all who put up with us and made us so comfortable! We had such a wonderful time!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Saying Goodbye to 2009

When I get home I will post about Christmas, but for now you get to enjoy my New Years post!

For the record, Ashlyn has officially called me "really fat" and went on to laugh hysterically. At the moment I was not laughing! Pictures of the fat lady coming soon!

1. What did you do in 2009 that you have never done before? It's what we DIDN'T do- The first year in our married life we haven't moved!!! I haven't had to touch or fill a single moving box!

2. What would you like to do in 2010 that you lacked in 2009? For Connor to like his job, to buy a house would be super cool, but I am not banking on either. Maybe having this baby in 2010 would be a good thing?

3. What was your best memory of 2009? Outer banks twice, each with both sides of the family. We are up for more in 2010, who wants to come?

4. What was your biggest achievement? I got a real job, a real grown up job! The last few years have finally paid off.

5. What was your biggest failure? Why focus on failures? I won my first 5k!!!

6. Did you or someone you know suffer from an illness? Corbin was in the hospital with intussiception and we barely made it out without surgery. We know many others who have done a lot of suffering this year!

7. What was your best purchase? Our bed. I am missing it (we are still in SLC.)

8. What behavior merited celebration this year? Carrie's decision to go on a mission- now serving in Honduras!

9. What behavior appalled or depressed you? Realizing I needed to have a tonsillectomy. Boy am I glad I only have to do that once in my life time!!!

10. Where did all your money go? I want know know too! I always thought I was super frugal, according to Connor we are in dire need of a budget!

11. What is your favorite song of 2009? Well, I haven't been listening to much except primary music, with my new calling and all- not to mention that I have three little kids.

12. Who was your biggest influence of 2009? My husband, who takes immaculate care of me!

13. What was your favorite TV show? We cut the cable, what a great decision of 2009 (except that Connor had to turn it back on for football season, but it is off again!)

14. What was your favorite book? Wish I had time to read a real book- but I did love "Love and Logic Magic for early Childhood."

15. What was your favorite movie? Blindside. If you haven't seen it you should.

16. What has kept you sane? Dylan in Kindergarten! What did I do without it. No, it has been an INTERESTING transition. He is doing amazing though!

What was great about your 2009, and what do you hope for in 2010?

Just a few of my goals for the year, I just hope I can keep them up with a new baby coming!
Get a better grip on my parenting skills
Get a better grip on my spiritual growth
Get a better grip on healthy eating
Get a better grip on my weight!!! (ha, ha)

Real detailed I know, but that is about all I can do for now.