Friday, May 4, 2012

Quest for Kona

Tomorrow my little brother, Jameson, is racing in the St. George Iron Man in hopes to qualify for the Hawaii Iron Man (the Boston Marathon of Iron Man's).  He has worked so hard and his YOUNG family has sacrificed so much for this event.  I have been so impressed to see him rise from a "non-runner," surpass me and become a national triathlete!  You can get an amazing background found on his blog here.  You can watch the St. George Iron Man live here starting tomorrow morning at 8:30 ET.  His bib number is 550 and he is wearing bright orange and white.  I am ever impressed by these amazing triathletes.  I don't know if I will ever have the desire to do an Iron Man, but I cry when I watch them cross the finish line!


Rachel said...

So????? How did he do?!

Jameson King said...

Thanks so much Michal!! I appreciate your support. I didn't realize until now that you had written this. I guess I didn't stand up to the expectations that you (well, really, that I) set for your readers.

Thanks again!

PS - Rachel, I have no idea if you get notified of my comment, but here is a blog write-up of my experience: