Sunday, July 19, 2009


Happy Birthday to us!!!

We have lived in one place a whole year!!!!

And we do not even have a date for this...

NO Moving! It has been a great summer not worrying about all that moving stuff. I am really enjoying getting to keep my friends, my doctor, my license plates and much more!

But we have realized that because of all our moves we have been able to have a "second round" with a few friends.

Our friends the Coxes were in our Holladay ward and were here in Durham for a medical residency (they are our first friends who have moved away FROM us!) We also just got some friends down here from our Cleveland ward who finished Dental school, the Wests.

So you might be next!!!

Well at least not this summer!!!


Tasha said...

Where is Kendy moving? I wish we were next after seeing all of the fun places around you:)

Maegan said...

Yeah for no moving!

Anna and Ryan said...

so glad that you guys are still here!