Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tis the Season for Flag Football

I hate to brag, but I'm gunna. So if you don't want to hear it don't read this post.
Football is always 10 times better with one of your best friends (Ben).
For those of you who KNOW Dylan you know he is quite an athlete. We could see it in him even at age 1. Had he not been our first child we would have realized how extraordinary he really was. I also assumed he might grow out of being ahead of others his age, but he hasn't. This kid can do ANYTHING. Right now he is really enjoying flag football. I ALMOST feel bad, but he has scored 95% of his teams points this season. There was only one game he didn't score. Most of his points are running down the entire field. He also does a great job in defense- he can catch just about anyone. His teammates beg that he not be put on the sideline.
I have to say it- I am pretty darn proud to be his mamma on the sideline! I also would like to think that I taught him all he knows or that his athleticism is from my side of the family. But I can't really. He's all natural!He's really enjoying watching football with Connor, he begs us to stay up late to watch and also turns down the neighbor boys when a good game is on. Connor is in heaven! They even have their own touchdown "cheer." It goes a little like this... Utes score, Connor turns to Dylan and puts his hands on Dylan's chest and gives him a bunch of little shakes while they booth hoot.
When we realized how athletic Dylan was I also assumed he would be more average on the intellectual side. However, he proved me wrong there too.
This kid is unbelievably smart. He was excelling at school last year so we put him in a private school this year for second grade. He is doing all third grade work and it still comes easily to him. He has straight A's in all his classes (yes, he changes classes for each subject.)

Can you tell I'm proud of his hard work? I love you buddy!


Tasha said...

He definitely amazed me at his ball handling skills when he was ONE! I can't even imagine how great he is now!

Robyn said...

Well deserved praise! I've always considered him to be a wunderkind!

Marci said...

He is such a stud! You should be proud! He is gonna pay for your retirement someday when he goes pro!