Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I had the most wonderful Thanksgiving this year. It was relaxing, and that was a huge gift in itself.

It started out with a 5k at 8 am at the near by high school for a no drunk and driving cause. Then hurried over to the ward Turkey bowl. This was by far Dylan and Connor's highlight of possibly the entire year. We had enough people to play two big games and even a little kid game. When the little kids were done they came and played with the big guns. I even got to play- what a treat thanks to Hannah. I did however, come home with war wounds. I was covering bishop and he was off with the ball toward the end zone. I was running right on his tail but couldn't quite catch him. I knew I had to dive for it, but I got him! Dylan and Connor have many of their own success stories as they were on the winning team of the winners game. I of course realized that I hadn't taken any pictures until everyone was walking to their cars...
We had two families that also don't have family around over for dinner. Lucky for me, Patrick brought the turkey, it's always good when he makes it. Shelley brought the most amazing appetizers. The company was great and of course football got turned on near the end. All-in-all, it was a success!
I was also very happy with the center piece. I kept it there until yesterday when Christmas took over...
FYI- For all of those who wish you lived in Raleigh...Today is December 7th and this morning at 7 AM it was 65 degrees already. We sure have been having pleasant weather this last MONTH!!

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Jamie said...

I won't tell my husband how warm it is there...he might take you up on the offer to move.