Wednesday, February 8, 2012

4 is More

Every Little boy dreams of having a Disney Cars party! Corbin is no exception...

"Welcome to Radiator Springs"
Ramone's House of Body Art
I think they would have tattooed their whole bodies if I let them.

we will hang on to this game for a rainy day!

Fillmore's Organic Fuel and Oil
Luigi's Casa Della Tires
We build out own leaning tower...
Ashlyn stacked the highest...We went down to the race track to help lightening McQueen. As his pit crew we had to pin the tires on lightening...
Flo's V8 Cafe for some goodies
It was terribly fun to entertain these guys! We had so much fun.

Corbin is now 4. Somehow 4 seems WAY older than 3 for some reason. Like it's official- he's big now. I love Corbin's hugs, they are the best! I have enjoyed watching him learn how to dribble an adult size basketball and write his name. He wants so badly to hang out with Dylan and his friends when they go to the creek or play football. Kamryn calls him "buddy" since she can't pronounce his name. She adores him. He is also one determined little man which can be good, but also it can be REALLY bad. I am sure as we learn to channel this tendency it will become a great strength. Love you buddy!


BWei said...

So so fun and creative! Sounds like Corbin (and I'm sure everyone else) had a blast.

KaraLynne and Andy said...

What a creative party - I love the wheels - SO easy and SO cute.