Sunday, January 6, 2008

No where to go but out

Here is just a glimpse of my 8th month, for all of
those that hounded me for pictures. Dylan, again, is my photographer. These are just a few of the silly comments I get (maybe you can relate):

1. Are you over due?
2. Is that real or is it just a basketball?
3. Wow, you are really big!
4. You look so... um...beautiful (I mean what else would they say to a pregnant lady, but do they really mean it?)
5. They talk about that "pregnancy glow" that you have all over you- which is just bull, cause we all know we don't glow!!

I have now arrived at the "very ready to have my body back stage", however, not quite ready for the all nighters! But it is way too late to turn back now!

One last and final note: Dylan is such an amazing photographer that he can make anything look better than it really does. So to say the least, the basketball is really bigger than it looks! Even Connor is constantly amazed at how big I am, and he just laughs. At least I can give someone a good laugh!


Melanie said...

so stinkin' cute, michal! funny how even though it looks like there's a ball on top of your stomach, the rest of you looks TOTALLY NORMAL. how do you manage that?!?! and i love your haircut. oh, and jonathan and i are really impressed with dylan's photography skills. i guess that goes hand and hand with being a born athlete?

Katt said...

Amen to what Melanie said!!! You look dang cute!! You're only big in the belly! How do you do it!?! I only hope I look like you when I'm prego!!! And I'm not just saying that- I mean it!

Jenny said...

Michal -- I think you look great! I'm glad that I got to see your "basketball" belly in person. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! And by the way, your hair is really cute short!

ty & megs said...

i think i did GLOW when i was prego...but it was the glisten off my sweat 'cause i was so stinkin' hot all the time!! that MUST be what they mean.

you look great michal! and you gotta love all the comments people make. i had someone ask me "what are their names?" so at least you haven't had anyone assume you were having twins.

Steve, Liz and Jaxon said...

Michal believe me I know what you mean. I go out so far too. Someone asked me if I was having twins the other day. It can get really depressing. good luck with it all.

Kenley's Korner said...

Michal! You look awesome! I only wished I could have looked that good in my 8th month!

Carrie said...

Stop complaining, missy! You look so cute and I'd kill for the 'basketball' pregnant look. All I get is 'fat all over' pregnancies.

Maegan said...

I do really think you look adorable. I wish I looked that cute when I am pregnant. Instead of popping, I just get fat everywhere. I wish we lived close so we could help you out when the baby comes.

whitney said...

michal, you look beautiful! look how skinny and tiny your arms are! mine get really nasty and chubby when i'm pregnant. nevertheless, it still stinks to be pregnant and i'm glad this one is coming to an end for you. :)

Ashley said...

I think you look great! You're totally tiny everywhere but the basketball region. I'll bet you are ready to be done, though. Good luck these last few weeks!

I can't believe that Dylan doesn't sleep. I think I will die if I ever have a child like that. I'm so used to by 10 hours a day--pathetic, but true.

Boston Family said...

Michal!!! I was talking to Laura Judd tonight, which told me she had a blog, and then said you have a blog - how fun to see how you are doing! Your kiddos are beautiful and you look amazing! Imagine my surprise to see all of you lovely fugal ladies that still keep in touch! I actually tried emailing you and Jamie a few months ago, but only have byu emails! Hope you're doing well!