Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Sanity

First we will start with Ashlyn. She has been very anxious to wear underwear. She is constantly trying to steal Dylan's. Here is a picture of here with MOST of Dylan's underwear on. She is fairly good at letting me know when she needs to "poo", but as for "pee" -not much luck. The hard part is when she drags me off to the potty because she is adamant that she needs to go. So I take off her shoes (that she has to wear all day- changing them every few hours) and then off with her pants, unbutton her undershirt and finally take off her diaper. Many times, she sits for 10 seconds and exclaims that she is "done." No matter how hard I try to persuade her to stay and wait it out, it is useless. She is determined that Dylan is off doing something with out her. If I am lucky she will actually stay in the bathroom for 10 minutes, constantly getting up and down from the potty. Sometimes having success and sometimes not. So then I have to reattach her diaper (usually as she is running out of the bathroom) and if I am lucky I will get clothes back on- but if not I am in for more trouble. Dylan has figured out a way to get around my "no shorts and t-shirts in the winter" rule that had to be enforced because of all the trouble he was giving me. When he sees Ashlyn run around with no clothes on, he feels it is fair game. He strips down to his underwear and refuses to put his clothes back on. Our company has commented on our "strange practices." So I am often playing with naked kids!

So here is a little game: to see who can guess the right number of underwear Ashlyn is simultaneously wearing in this picture! Use your comments to guess, and I will post the winner. Happy guessing!

On the other hand my little Dyl has somehow received the "no need for sleep" gene from his grandfather, Poger. He wakes up at 7 am with exactly NO exceptions. The "big game" was this last Monday and so he was up until midnight. Any normal human being would sleep in at least a little, or catch up somewhere along the road. But my fella just keeps on rolling. If he by chance gets even the slightest nap during the day, our 9pm bedtime (isn't that late enough) is a joke. He is constantly telling us each night that he is "not tired." So maybe around 11 he will finally fall asleep. One night, as I was home alone, I heard little creeping footsteps coming down the stairs. I, in a panic, had to pretend to get ready for bed (I have told him that we go to bed as well, so there is no use in staying up.) However, this is the only time during my day without children hanging at my knees- which usually means I juice it for all it is worth. He just looks at me with a sly smile as though he has accomplished a great feat. Sending him back upstairs only leads to another trail of sneaky feet. Does anyone have any ideas to make this kid NEED sleep? I envy those friends of mine who complain about having to "wake their kids up." Our alarms are covered in years of dust.

And for my last topic, my last hurrah, is that Football season is soon to be over. Make no mistake, I love to watch football, even better is playing. Having HD cable leaves all excuses for ALL the football games to be on or watched. I never knew Connor was a fan of so many teams!!! Each of course lasting AT LEAST three hours. Conveniently for some, there always seems to be a game on! I would love to sit and watch too, however the kids don't find it particularly entertaining and I could find a million things I could do in that time. At least the college bowls have finally concluded and the super bowl is coming up. Lucky for me, Connor finds the pro games the least entertaining. So count your blessings for cable huh??

Happy sleeping, potty training, super bowl watching and guessing!


Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

that is awesome, i guess 7 pairs of underoos. sounds like you've got some crazy funny kids! they all have they're little quirks don't they?! i am sorry that dylan has an apparent lack of need for sleep. i cherish my evenings!

i have to say, that i am so grateful that my hubby doesn't watch sports, i think the tv on that much, with him engrossed in it, would drive me insane!! atleast you enjoy it too!

Kenley's Korner said...

Kenley doesn't seem to need sleep either! She goes to bed between ten and eleven at night and then usually sleeps 2-3 hours at a time and then wakes up for the day at 6:30...and maybe takes a couple twenty minute cat naps during the day!!! I would probably say she is wearing 6 pairs of undies:)

Jenny said...

My guess is 7 pairs of underwear. What a cutie! Funny how kids don't seem to need sleep. Kate can stay up pretty late and not seem at all tired and of course that is when she acts really sweet and not-whinny. And as for cable, isn't it great? I didn't realize how many Jazz games there were until last year when we watched all of them! Lots of fun!

Carrie said...

I'm guessing 6 pairs. How many pairs can Dylan have, seriously? I'm sorry about Dylans lack of sleep, I'd say wear him out more and don't let him watch TV, but I'm 99.9% sure you already do that. Everyone around here puts there kids to bed at 7 or 7:30, so we do too. It's crazy, but blissful.

And all our fav teams are out of the playoffs, so we aren't following football much anymore this year. Maybe next year. We can't have the World Series and the Super Bowl both in the same year, right?

Laura Judd said...

No ideas on the sleeping, sorry...I have a niece that every time she sleeps at my parents house she shares a room with her brother that likes to jump in his crib for a while before going to bed, and she NEVER misses a chance for an excuse to come down or tell on him.

When is your next one due? I thought you were due in January, but the baby monitor thing on your blog says 23 days which would be early February? I'm due the sixth of February, what's yours?

Maegan said...

I am just going to guess 5 pairs. How are you feeling. Ellie wakes up everyday at 7am without fail, so we are all in the same boat. Will doesn't watch sports. I guess I have an atypical husband, so I cannot sympathize.

Melanie said...

so, how's ashlyn going to like that picture when she becomes a teenager? it's so funny. and i can't believe she's already so interested in going potty. then again, your children really are so advanced! :) oh, and paul's a terrible sleeper. TERRIBLE. i thought we were doing everything right with anna and that's why she's such a great sleeper. nope. just here genetics. 'cause paul's not responding to the training we gave anna. (sigh)