Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bag Tag

I have always thought this was a fun one, so hear it goes:

1. You have to show your bag...

2. Show all contents of your bag (and no cleaning it out first)...

This is a new purse, I figured being tagged was a darn good reason to finally get a new, and more stylish purse. One that looks more like what a woman who is old enough to have three kids should carry around instead of one that looks like it came from the closet of a 12 year old.

- Fish crackers ... for when I do not have my diaper bag on me and need to quiet a screaming child.

- Fruit snacks... only because Dylan put them in there.

- A ring box... because a tip of one of the prongs on my setting broke off and I needed a safe transport.

- Nail files... I am always breaking my nails and tearing them, I need to change my habit.

- Gum... I mean when does a busy mom have time to brush her teeth- just about never!

- Miniature bottle of bubbles... the Child Life Specialist in me- for when I am really in a bind and need some distraction.

- My wallet... which I am surprised hasn't fallen apart with all the things I try to shove in it.

- A pen... I am always in need of one- and funny how I still have a hard time finding this one.

I think that is pretty good- really not much stuff.

Now let me explain, this is like showing you only half of the contents I actually carry around daily. The other half is my diaper bag, which I have decided not to show because it all would not fit in one picture. Then if I told you what was in my diaper bag you might actually laugh (you think I am crazy) or cry (realizing that I carry all that weight around.) But it is the boy scout in me (I want to be prepared for everything.) Seriously, I think my diaper bag weighs as much as Dylan.

For those who really want to know what is in my diaper bag, here it goes:

Diapers (seriously about 6), wipes, Pullups, Desitine, A&D, hand sanitizer (all packed in a changing pad), a nursing cover, extra set of clothes for Corbin, burp cloth, 2 water cups, fruit snacks, fish crackers, granola bars, pretzels, honey nut cheerios, more fish crackers, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, more fish crackers (can you tell my kids like fish crackers, but I want to allow for some variety if they happen to choose it), raisins, the kids shot records, CPR pamphlet, crayons, stickers, paper, pens, sanitizer, Motrin, Vasoline, plastic bag stuffed in a film container (for poopy anything), candy (for real emergencies or sanity), Magnadoodle, cars, more bubbles... and thats it!

I just realized I should add one more thing to it- an extra shirt for me for when someone spits up, throws up, or poos on me. Any more suggestions?

3. Bag Tag 5 more people...

Jenny, Melanie, Meg loveless, Katt, Morgan,
(I am going to add a few more)...Carrie, Leslie, Liz, Jeanine, Maegan, and Meggan, Robyn


Katt said...

You don't want to know what's in my bag. I could show you... but then I would have to kill you. :)
I love your new purse! So cute! Perfect for Spring.

Nate, Morgan, Asher and Sayer said...

very cute purse! good for you for actually carrying a purse and a diaper bag. i really can't believe the amount of stuff you have in your bag. i want to see a picture of the bag that holds all that stuff. i feel like all mine are too small to keep it all organized.

Jenny said...

What a fun tag! And I love you're new purse. I need to get a bigger one so I can hold more stuff. I recommend throwing an extra shirt in your bag (since I was thrown-up on recently). I might just leave one in my van just in case.

Meggan said...

What fun! And I totally understand about your bag. It's not laughing matter, not to have everything that you need puts you in serious crisis mode. I think it's fun all the people that you tagged. It's looks like fun. About the books I've been reading...I liked "Happiest Toddler on the Block", and I liked that it focused on communicating their wants and needs back to them in the "cave talk". I also have been reading Dr. James Dobson's, "Dare to Discipline" and am currenly in the middle of reading his, "The Strong Willed Child," just because I really like his views parenting. They did have a cool program right after the first session of conference about "positive reinforcement" in parenting, which I liked. I think being a parent works best when you take the best of all the philosophies around you and decide what works for your kid. It's probably going to change with every kiddo as well! Sorry so long! I should have just email you! Thanks!

Carrie said...

I'm gonna totally do this... soon. This was way cute. And your purse is a million times cuter than my ugly old thing!

Robyn said...

Hey, I finally got arround to doing the bag tag! Thanks for making me "it". Watch for my simple pleasures soon . . .