Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter, Birthday and 80's all rolled into One

Isn't She cute...
Sunday was Ashlyn's 2nd Birthday. I can't believe she is two, but then it often feels like she is fifteen! She is so sweet and cuddly one moment and sassy the next. But she is an amazingly wonderful fit in our crazy family. We enjoy every minute with her and I am excited to watch her grow into a beautiful woman and enjoy a wonderful friendship with her. She truly is a doll! She even picked out here own cake- Chocolate of course!

Here are some of her cuttest words and their real meaning:

"team up"- clean up (when we sing the clean up song)

" butt"- button (for her coat or to push a button)

"dumb"- gum (funniest when she is yelling "I dumb, I dumb" when she wants gum)

"coke"- no we don't give her coke, this means coat.

She can't say her C's very well so she is calling Corbin, Tobin and her aunt Cami (whom she LOVES) Tami. Good nickname huh.

We had some friends over last night for cake and ice cream. She really loved all the princess gifts! She didn't know girlie things even existed until recently.
We had a busy week last week trying to fill up our spring break (so we wouldn't drive each other- Dylan and I- crazy.) We raced cars at the American Hot Rod store, went to Fun times (an indoor inflatable playground) and played with a few of our good friends. So we had a fun week to lead up to her birthday.
Last Sunday was Easter (ironically it snowed just a day before!) We also blessed Corbin that same day.
A few weeks ago was a family dance put on by another ward. It was a decades dance. So Ashyln and I dressed up at 80's. I mean come on, what other decade is so awkward and most likely not to come back into style. We were decked out with the two different colored sock (revered on the other leg), side pony tails, snap bracelets and side tied t-shirts. Ashlyn couldn't get enough of the dancing!


Meggan said...

Cute cute pics! You really do look super busy ;) Cute kids are what it's all about, you know?

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great time. I can't believe Ashlyn is already two. She and Jack have grown up fast. Where does time go? Ashlyn is a cutie! I love the 80s picture.

Steve, Liz, Jaxon and Peyton said...

How fun! I was talking to Colleen yesterday and she was saying how sad she was that you guys didn't go to Palm Springs. Anyway that was random. We are excited to hear about your adventures in Raleigh. We want to come visit!!!!

Andrea said...

Your haircut is really cute!

Katt said...

Happy birthday to Ashlyn!
Love the 80's picture. You're one of the only people I know who can make the 80's look good.