Sunday, February 15, 2009


The problem is two fold:
1. Ashlyn Loves band aids. She finds every excuse she can to wear one. She will find an old "owie" and demand that it hurts and she needs one. Or she will just want one for no reason.
2. Corbin is FASCINATED by band aids. If he sees one, he has to grab it.

So, you can imagine this might be a very hysterical sight! For example- Ashlyn is watching her favorite show and Corbin gets a view of her band aid (that she as long forgot is there.) He crawls over and starts trying to rip it off her leg, she gets irritated for a moment, pushes him away but gets back to her show. Corbin, of course, hasn't forgotten and tries again, only causing the same reaction with a tad more irritation. By the tenth time she is really losing it! Corbin literally can not think about anything else. The fascination, however, ends when the band aid comes off- which is not very likely with Ashlyn! So as you can see band aids cause a lot of ruckus around our house.


Jenny said...

Corbin sounds so cute! I really hate bandaids. My kids can't seem to get the idea that you only need one if you are bleeding. That reminds me that I need to buy some more. Jack had a lot of pretend owies in the last month.

BWei said...

That is so funny! Clara loves band-aids too, although her problem is that she always wants one but then decides it feels too uncomfortable so she puts it on her bear. Mr. Bear will end up wearing the band-aid for a long or a short period of time, depending on the day. They need to start producing a jumbo box of band-aids that aren't really good for anything but make the kids feel better :-).

Tasha said...

Isn't it amazing that the little things in life, make our lives:)

Rochelle said...

I love your background!

So, I wanted Jillian to win for sure... I still have hopes that the drama of the finale is because he's bringing her back... :) Wishful thinking, I know.

Out of the two that are left... well, I don't really care for either of them... but if I had to choose, it would be Melissa. Even though she is way too young and immature for him.

I wish you were closer so we could watch the finale together!

Maegan said...

My girls pretend to have ouchies just to get a bandaid, and then Abby will take it off within 5 minutes of the initial application because she wants to look at it. Kids are so quirky!