Friday, November 20, 2009

String cheese

My kids know that once it is bedtime there is no eating. If you want to eat you have to do it at dinner or before bedtime. However, they still often complain at bedtime that they are hungry!No big deal, just ignore it.
But tonight was different. I put Corbin down while Connor did the honors of finishing with the Ashlyn and Dylan. When I was done I went on to finish cleaning up. When Connor had not yet come out of their room, I knew he had fallen asleep- not an unusual incident for either of us. I snuck in to arouse and extract him.
The next morning I was making my morning rounds and found two of these...

Underneath the pillow of each of my older children. I could just imagine- Dylan sneaking two string cheeses out of the fridge and hiding them under their pillows. Waiting until their parents were gone to bed, out would come the string cheese and glory would be their song! But it didn't work as they had planned, for they too fell asleep before their reward could be reaped.

So I had to throw away two very good pieces of string cheese.


The Moyers said...

That is too funny! It's amazing how they learn how to be sneaky!

The Coxes said...

It is so funny!!!