Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day

Honestly, when we were in Utah I had my fill of the snow for the three weeks we were there. A couple of times this winter the weather man has threatened us with snow. However, the closest we got was 2o min of light flurries. So this time, I also was not very concerned- let me rephrase that, I am never concerned.

I am sure I posted this in last year's blog about how funny people are around here about snow. Three days before a POSSIBLE storm, they have trucks out preparing the roads with deicing whatever. Sorry, it is all a little weird to me. After that, you literally see no road "maintenance." People literally crowd the grocery stores and buy them out of milk, water, and bread. A friend of mine works at the local grocery store chain, he says the day before a storm his stores will sell 100,000 more dollars worth of groceries. Sadly, I even have friends from out West who have fallen to this ridiculous behavior. Granted, if your out of something, why not get it, but people go nuts! Don't ever go to the store the day before a storm here, go the day of!

So we woke up yesterday to this...

I know, just a few inches, but this is a lot of snow for us. It was a very slushy snow so it was very icy. These are the effects:

1. I got off of work for the day (I was very glad to escape my 12 hour shift!)

2. Only two types of stores were open (literally), Grocery stores and of course Walmart.

3. Our primary activity got cancelled

4. Church was cancelled via email Saturday morning.

5. Threats of many closures on Monday

Now, I will not complain since I am enjoying life slowing down, but it is very hilarious! So technically, people are "snowed in," they won't leave their houses. I remember living in Cleveland and wishing they would cancel ANYTHING with the 4 feet of snow we just received! It is funny the extremes we have experienced.

So I have been enjoying lots of organizing, cleaning (okay, not enjoying, but it needed to be done), and hanging out as a family!

Yesterday we did a little "sledding" at our friends house. We were one of the few people who had a real sled. Everyone has boogie boards, so that is what Corbin is using. They actually work great, in case you wanted to know!
As long as he was moving he was very happy!
And we were able to do some of this because of the icy snow...

I hope you enjoy your snow like we do!


Marilyn said...

Ha, ha! That is so funny how different people react to snow! Clevelanders are definitely pretty touch when it comes to snow. There is no getting out of/canceling anything around here!;)

rnichols said...
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rnichols said...

Am I one of your friends from "out West" that you were talking about who goes crazy? Hmmmmmm, I know funny, funny!!!

The Coxes said...

I loved the video of Dylan flying around on the ice!! And I am totally one of those people from out west who has adapted to the crazy "southern" attitude about snow. Just hunker down at home, till it goes away. :) Kendy

Leymaster Family said...

That is great! I remember when we lived in Nashville it was the same thing. You seriously just have to laugh at how much everyone FREAKS OUT!