Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Friday this handsome fella turned 7
Instead of worrying about how old he is I am more worried about how old he makes me and how I only have a year left to prepare him for baptism!

We "kicked off" his 7th year right with a football themed party.
Dylan was very adament that this party be a Utah vs. BYU party. So everything was blue and red.
When our guests arrived they autographed a football of choice.
They then headed upstairs for Coach Connor's Football training Camp.
There was a lot of hiking, punting, throwing, jump n' jacking, and push upping.
Then they raced through a obstacle course...
Running down the line
Crawling through a tunnel with ball in hand...
Around the cones, high jump over your "opponent" and into the end zone.
Finish it off with Football game foods with a football cake and ice cream!

I am so proud of Dylan. He is brimming with enthusiasm for life. If I bragged about all of Dylan's talents we might be here too long.


BWei said...

You guys are so much fun. Can't believe your oldest is 7 either!

Jen, Dave, and Reagan said...

I can't believe you have have a 7 year old Michael. That's craziness! He is adorable though:-)

KaraLynne and Andy said...

The first sentance you put is exactly my first thought - 7 yrs old, if my kid was 7 Id be thinking about only one year left and how old I felt. However, lucky for you (and him) you are a great parent and he is more than likely very prepared already and also you still look hot - so not old and good mom and hot. There you have it.

whitney said...

what a cute party idea!