Monday, March 31, 2008

The Truth about Blogg'in

Bare with me as I explain some of my thoughts this week (and this is not in anyway supposed to offend anyone, and if I have, too bad- JK!)

I have often thought, as many of you have, "what is it about blogging?" Some of us think, dream breath and even ignore our kids over blogs. And out of a married pair it is most often the female that takes over and runs the family blog. And some of us even skip calling it a family blog and come right out and use it for ourselves to share our deepest thoughts and feelings. I would have to admit that my research is somewhat biased- considering most of my friends are married and stay home with their kids. I have come to conclude that this is what blogs are REALLY for:

1. Feeling like we are connecting with someone at our own level at some point in our busy laundry, throw up, cleaning up filled lives.

2. Making us feel like our lives REALLY are exciting enough for us to post on a website and for others to want to read. ( I mean really, my life only looks exciting on my blog!)

3. To show off our amazingly cut kids- notice I rarely post a picture of myself, and if I do it is with great consideration.

4. Gives us a good reason to take lots of pictures and to share those funny and silly moments with someone besides ourselves and with an audience that also might see the funny side of things.

5. It is also a great way to get great advice, feedback and love from others (love we might not always feel from our never ending needy children- in the most wonderful way!)

And after all the reading and viewing we do of others' blogs- we end up wishing our lives were as exciting and busy as the next! To tell you the truth, I don't even think Connor reads half the things I post on OUR family blog. However, it has increased our ability to reconnect with lost friends and EVEN family, and to keep up on each others' lives. I just wanted to share with you all that-


They truly help me get through some hard days!


Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

amen michal! i LOVE blogging, both writing and reading. i think it is amazing the number of people i have gotten back in touch with through blogs. they are a miracle! i have even made some friends who i have never met, and probably never will. there is so much common ground to be found through blogging, whether it's being a mom, being an athlete, being a cook/baker, etc. i have also been inspired to change and be better from reading about my amazing friends and the things they do, and I think, i can do that, so i do! thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

oh, and i LOVE your new hair cut!

Maegan said...

I love reading your blog too. I think your hair looks so cute. I would like to go that short, but I am afraid too.

ty & megs said...

i totally know what you mean michal! we all put our best foot forward in blogging don't we? but that is what makes it so fun, becuase who really wants to read about me wiping mckinlay's snotty nose and and cleaning the floor under her high chair 3 times a day, right? :) blogging really is great on so many levels. keeping in touch, bragging about kids, getting ideas, and it is the best journal ever! think of it is us working on our family history. one less thing to feel guilty about not doing because we are too busy blogging.

love the hair btw!

Rochelle said...

I couldn't agree more!

Carrie said...

Love your blog too Michal! And you're so right about blogging.. all of it! Its always nice to appear to have it all together isn't it?

I also like to blog because its a creative outlet for me, since coloring Dora and Diego can only stimulate so much creativity. And its the only journaling I do... don't tell Pres. Eyring so its good for the fam, too!

Meggan said...

I know how you feel. This whole blog thing started as a way to keep my family in touch with us once we moved away. But I am not even sure how much they read it. It is nice points that you brought up though. It's nice to feel connected. I like it too cause it keeps me taking pictures, so I'll look back on this time of small memories. It has been so good to re-connect with all you Fugal girls too. Good thoughts!

Jenny said...

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with blogging. I really do love it and I crave it during the day since I get to have a little adult interaction throughout the day. But I really can spend way too much time checking other peoples blogs and changing my background a million times until I find one I like. Overall though I really enjoy it -- keeping in touch with my friends and family and it's my form of journaling for now. And BTW I really like your haircut. Your hair always looks great, short or long.

Karyn said...

Hey Michal- I just found your blog through the Cope's. It's fun to read about your family & catch up with you guys. I gotta say that I feel exactly the same about this whole blogging thing. It is a fabulous way for us Moms to feel like we are connected to the outside world. Check out mine as well...

Katt said...

I totally agree!
Blogging is such a weird concept. It totally reminds me of an extra credit assignment in school: You don't have to do it.. and you sometimes don't want to, but it's good if you do. There are times when I HATE to blog and other times when it is so therapeutic for me. However, regardless, it is so nice to keep in touch with friends.

Robyn said...

We love you too! Sorry I don't comment very often, but I do read your blog regularly. I like being able to keep up with your lives!