Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nini & Poger

The Same day my parents left, we were lucky enough to have Connor's parents come. They have such busy lives and we are so grateful that they could come (for the fun and for the help!)The kids had such a wonderful time with them since mom was practically in bed all week (tonsillectomy.) By the time all our company stops coming, my kids are going to think I am a boring mom.

They got to take the train ride at the Science museum in Durham! Along with all the endless fun there is to be had there! It might even make for a good reason to come to NC! Hint, hint- I am now taking trip reservations to fill up our summer!

They got to go bowling. I mean what kid doesn't enjoy rolling a massive ball in an effort to knock things over!
We just plain enjoyed them to death- I hope we didn't really! But we sure did have fun. Thank you for everything!

And we are still enjoying being horse crazy and our little snacks you made us! We still got our eye on you!


Kristen and Ryan said...

That is so awesome that they could come out! How are you??? Did everything go well?

Maegan said...

I am glad that your parents were there to help take care of you. It is always worse for adults. Kids bounce back much easier.

Meggan said...

That is great that both sets of grandparents could come and visit! Hope you are feeling okay and recovering well!

Kim said...

Aren't grandparents the best?! We've been enjoying ours too!! Corbin is getting so big. He's not a baby anymore!...and we have those same sandals with the lizards on the bottom...
Miss ya!