Thursday, September 30, 2010

D.C. Ragnar Relay

12 Friends...
201 miles later...

Run, Drive, Eat - Repeat!

  • 12 runners on a team, 6 per van
  • 247 teams
  • 201 miles from the countryside of MD to the National Harbor in DC
  • 33 1/2 hours of straight running, day and night
  • Runner one hands off baton to runner two, two to three and on until the 12th runner hands it back to runner one. Each runner completes three legs of the race.
  • "Sightseeing" from Cumberland, MD to Washington D.C.
  • Lack of sleep!!!!!!
  • Finding a spot to rest between the rows of sleeping bodies
  • Showering in a high school locker room with 40 other women
  • Running at night with a head lamp, butt lamp and reflective vest
  • Watching 3 members of our team FINISH their first running race EVER!!!
  • Teammates handing me a shampoo sample packet instead of a Gu energy packet
  • Mountains as tall as Everest and heat like the Sahara
  • Pumping and dumping every few hours, and of course missing my baby at home.
  • Van 2 being rudely awaken by a girls soccer team (guess they double booked that field
  • Pitch dark porta potties
  • The "Do not resuscitate" and "We've got the Runs" teams
  • The train that felt like it was going to run right over us
  • The nonstop texting chimes from multiple different phones, to alert us when we would be on duty or the over van checking in on us.
  • 11 new wonderful friends!

Nothing brings twelve people closer together than being stuck in a rented, small, stripped down, stinky, minivan running on no sleep for over 33 hours!!!


Emily Poll said...

way to go! you are awesome...i have always wanted to do a ragnar relay...congrats!

Rachel said...

Holy cow, didn't you just have a baby a few months ago??? How in the world are you running races already?

Patrick Stevenson said...

Michal, I had a BLAST, although since you handed off to me every leg I never got to hang with you much. It has been great getting to know you better these past few months. Thanks again for running with Dan and I on Saturday mornings...maybe we can get together every now and again to keep up the tradition. You were AWESOME!! So many good memories....I still laugh every time I think about the shampoo incident! Any chance you want to run the full or half marathon in will be a fun weekend for the whole family. :)

Three Little Brown Kids said...

You're the best runner I know, even without your Gu. Thanks for all the fun!

Anna and Ryan said...

Michal!! Wow! That sounds like such an amazing adventure. What a fun group, too!! Man, I'm jealous.

Jenny said...

That looks like so much fun! You inspire me to run more!

Jackie said...

You're crazy... but a good crazy. Well done!

Steve and Patti King said...

You always were an awesome runner! You run fast...but not fast enough to outrun the bishop when he has a calling for you!

MKS said...

how fun!! you are a super mom!

The Moyers said...

What a fun adventure! You look fabulous!

Katt said...

You're hardcore and I LIKE it!! The most active thing I've done since having Will is taking a walk around the block.

Mandy said...

I can't believe I am saying this but that sounds like it was so much fun. You are so hardcore!

Leymaster Family said...

Did you run with Jonathan and Emily Wade? We were in the same ward back in Nashville, TN. Also it is good to see you hooked up with Dan Weed on the run - such a good guy.

Congrats on the race!