Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Day of school

Last week Dylan started preschool. I was stressed already from finding a somewhat afforadable preschool and a bad meet-the-teacher day. This combined with last year's experience- well I was a little worried. However, things went wonderful. He was excited to start school and we made it a whole week before he started saying he didn't want to go to preschool. But he comes home happy and smiling!
He is enjoying Chapel time, Spanish time, music time, and fitness time!!

As you can see Ashlyn is also ready for school!


Kadi said...

Does Dylan really say he doesn't want to go? I bet he loves it! What a cute kid...where's Ashlyn's backpack? I think she needs one too! Hope all is well. We miss you guys!

jeanine said...

Yea for preschool!

Jenny said...

I love preschool! It has been a great two weeks since Kate started! How often does Dylan go?

Katt said...

They grow up so fast! Look at how big he looks!!! Unbelievable! I'm sure he's loving preschool! What a cutie!