Sunday, May 17, 2009

Should I Start a New Blog?

A few months back I was blogging far too much about my running and for a moment entertained the idea of starting another blog (to spare you all the boredom.) Then I thought "now that is silly, I would never have time to keep up two blogs!" But now I am considering a new blog idea: "all the health ailments of the Thompson family." Let me know what you think! I really would have plenty to say on this blog- for some reason it never ends. I am not complaining, merely, I think it quite funny.

On Friday I went in for my last consult before my tonsillectomy (that I am deathly afraid of- not the ectomy part they recovery part!) I have been reading on line and it is a good two week recovery. DO YOU HAVE TWO WEEKS??? For me that is almost as bad as having a baby! Boy will that ruin my running schedule! JK! A doctor at work had put a few ?'s into my head and brought them up with my ENT. She helped me rule them out and realize that it just might be best to get them out. My lymph nodes are always swollen- meaning they are in overdrive all the time working on something. So really it is not just the strep that is getting to me. With little kids at home and at work, the germs are never ending! (Note: I really think we had a bad run of strep that "crinkled" my tonsils, Thank You Cleveland!)

Right before we said goodbye I asked her to do me one last favor- to look at Dylan's tonsils. Bad move! Dylan's best friend got his taken out because of snoring problems and I know Dylan snores but not that bad. I have notices his are big and pointed them out to one of the many pediatricians we've had (can't remember which) who told me it was nothing to worry about. So I wanted an expert opinion, and it was on my appointment clock. She took one look at his mouth and said "those should come out, those are called 'kissing tonsils'" (and he's not even sick.) She went on to look at Ashlyn's- same surprised expression. She already knew what Corbin's looked like and added that his were also abnormally large. However, this is not something to be concerned about if there are not any other underlying problems. However, with Dylan, he has had some allergy symptoms, has bags under his eyes (which I hadn't even noticed), a snoring problem and he doesn't sleep much. All of which she believes are connected to his Tonsils. Needless to say, I came out with more than I bargained for. So the question of the day is: Should Dylan and I go in together?

Disclaimer: In my prior post, note- those are NOT my tonsils, just a picture on the Internet. I would never do that to you! And don't worry, I won't put a picture of Dylan's tonsil on here either, they are too big for my camera- literally! I knew I wasn't crazy!


The Coxes said...

Michal - 2 weeks??? Please let me take your kids sometime for you. What day do you get them out? Kendy

Kristen and Ryan said...

Good luck with surgery! I sure wish I was closer to help! :(

Kids bounce back so fast after this surgery! Reuben was amazing and slept great that night on! I bet Dylan will do great but if you're feeling crummy I don't know if I'd want to do them at the same time as yours. It is supposed to be harder on adults.

Carrie said...

Michal, we just went through all this with Lainey. She has surgery scheduled on July 13th to have her tonsils removed, adenoids removed, and tubes put in her ears. I am DREADING her recovery. She has sleep, breathing, swallowing, hearing, speaking, etc problems, all minor, but together need to be addressed before she starts kindergarten in the fall. Anywho, I dunno if I'd do both his and yours at the same time... does the dr think this will be easier?? I'm so sorry for all your family's medical stuff! It never lets up for you guys does it?? Good luck!!

Three Men and a Little Lady said...

No wonder we haven't gotten together. You're such a busy lady, and I'm so sorry all that had to happen. Hopefully all for the best though!! I like your blog by the way, and LOVE hearing about your running, is that what you meant by that? I can't wait til we can run again! 4 months, haha! We do need to get together though, and please let me know what I can do to help.

Robyn said...

My Votes:
NO - don't start another blog, just tell us about those topics on this blog. That way I'll have one ess blog to read! :)
NO - I don't think you and Dylan should get them out at the same time, becuase he'll recover faster than you and be running arround driving you nuts while you're still healing. Maybe he could get them out like a week after you?
See you soon!