Friday, April 2, 2010

April fools

Wish I had pictures to share, but I don't.

April fools is one of my favorite holidays! I have played some good pranks in the past -from a BYU parking ticket on Connor's car to an elaborate scheme of our car being stolen and left at a gas station (that took quite the planning!)

This year I had to be a little more simple. I put food coloring in the bottom of the kids cereal bowls so that when I poured the milk it all changed colors. The boys didn't seem to mind much, but Ashlyn DID NOT like that one at all. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to eat her first bite.

I also gave Dylan a Chore Camp Brochure and told him we were sending him for a week since he is off track for 4 WEEKS!!!! At first he didn't really react. When I brought it up again when Dad got home he had a meltdown.

I splattered yellow water all over the toilet and floor right before I knew Connor would use it. Even after he knew what it was he still treated it like urine!

There was so much more I wanted to try! I will save them for next year! I hope all of you had some fun on April fools!


Tasha said...

I definitely know where I need to look when for April Fool's ideas:) AWESOME!

Tasha said...

Kenley was helping me type... sorry for the weird wording! I should really proof read sometimes, but ya... that will NEVER happen, let's be honest! :)

Amber said...

Ha. You are funny.

suzi said...

Too funny! Those are great ideas! Looks like you had such a fun Fancy Nancy party! You are such a creative fun mom!

suzi said...

P.S. I LOVE your quote about loving a is so true.

Meggan said...

Those are some good ideas, I am totally going to try next year! Love it!