Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reclaimed Space

Connor and I used our Labor Day weekend (yes, i do know that was like forever ago) to finish a few projects:

Connor no longer teaches seminary at home, instead he teaches at the stake center. We cleaned out the room and painted it last weekend. I took his printer table and put it in the entry:
I should taken before and after pictures like my professional repurposer cousin Melissa does. But I was too excited to start to take a before picture. It also has a new silver, oval knob. I am loving it!

I also painted a tray my friend gave me:
She also helped me revitalize my mantel. The TV makes it hard to decorate.
I finally found the towels I was dreaming about for the guest bath, bright, I know.
My friend also gave me some amazing fabric leftovers. It is probably good that there was only a little of this raspberry giraffe print- I might have gone over board. I AM IN LOVE! Hopefully some more cheerful accent pillows to come.
We also refinished a free dinning room table top, and white bookshelves (for our new "quiet room").


Rachel said...

Looks awesome! I don't know how you do everything you do. We've been here almost a year and half the house still needs new paint. lol.

MKS said...

i love the yellow table! and the pillows. such fun accents!

Leslie said...

We can't wait to see it in person. And the new picture at the top is very cute.

Robyn said...

That looks so good! My recent thoughts of decorating include putting out my Halloween decorations. I love Halloween! I have so many decorations! But I'm afraid my little girl will be born and I'll be too distracted to take them down, and they'll stay up till Valentine's Day. Would that be such a bad thing?