Friday, October 28, 2011

K'nex Mario Kart & Lincoln Logs

We were lucky enough to receive more products from K'nex to kid test and review. We enjoyed our last bunch of toys. This time we got a piece of a Mario Kart track and Lincoln Logs. The kids were so excited they practically ripped open the box and pieces were everywhere. Corbin loves to play with Mario and his car. He would be happy with that piece alone. It runs on a few batteries- which we have already gone through a few sets. However, since we only have one piece of the track it is hard to tell if we would enjoy the whole track. It does look like fun from the picture on the box.
We enjoyed the Lincoln Logs for awhile. Since there are a limited number of logs that come in the box, we had a similar problem. We enjoyed them, but only till we couldn't build anything more. If we had more logs I am hopeful that our playing and creative time would be multiplied.

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