Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Paddy's Limerick

So my wonderful friend Carrie got me writing,
and here it is. You too, can find the limerick writter in yourself, just try!

It is gray again today,
Just like it was yesterday,
We can't go out and play,
And it is NOT okay.

I hope the bunny brings spring,
Then I will start to sing,
And we can really have a spring fling,
Praises we will bring.

Short and sweet. All those out there who are enjoying spring, enjoy it some more!!!


Maegan said...

I hope spring comes soon as well. I am so tired of the cold.

Carrie said...

So cute... love em! Glad to know I'm wonderful. Think you are too, friend!

Sheri said...

There once was a lad named Dylan
To play ball he was always willin'
At one he threw the ball
Straight down our hall
A glass of milk he might be spillin'