Friday, May 16, 2008

The New Me

I went running again today, but Dylan insisted that he had to go. I haven't run with him since the fall, and boy has he gotten heavy. But it is good for me. It is nice to have a cheering section in the stroller (I make him tell me that I can do it), but I hate having to give up my iPod to the strollee (is that a word?) When we were going up the hills (a plethora of them too) he asked me why we were going so slow- how would that make you feel? I would like to announce that I have turned over a new leaf- I am now an early riser runner!!! (I hate to wake up early and love to stay up late, so this is a BIG deal.)

So raise your hand if you are sick of hearing about running and think Michal should just create a whole blog exclusively for her running stories so you don't have to hear all about it.


Jenny said...

I love your running posts! Keep them coming. I am a huge fan of early-morning running. I love getting up early now. And, I love running without kids (they are so heavy!). And, I love having a little adult conversation with my friends while running (then I don't concentrate on how hard I'm breathing!).

AnnaMarie said...

Hi Michal! Long time no see! I just thought I would drop you a line to say hello! Your kids are adorable. And, I have had Ashlyn in mind as a girl name since the beginning, but I can only produce boys. We will see!

Kendra Leigh said...

I've started running in the morning, too. The babe wakes up around 6, so I feed her and then put her back down and head out before Matt goes off to work. It's been really great, cuz the kiddos are TOO HEAVY for me, the novice jogger.