Friday, February 5, 2010

Dylan is 6!

Today was Dylan's 6th Birthday. I am so proud and amazed at the kid he has become. Hard to believe he is already 6. Looking back at these 6 years, we have done a lot, come a long way!
But these are 6 things I love most about my Dylan:

1. His energy- it keeps me going, even though I often complain about it
2. The way the excitement and joy radiates in every part of his face- it is like it literally lights up
3. His determination- it is as strong as mine- and so he succeeds at so many things that he does
4. He loves his family and he is often showing it
5. He loves to learn, he keeps wanting more.
6. Yet he is not to big to still give kisses his mom in front of all his friends

1 comment:

Tasha said...

I LOVE that picture! WOW! He is so handsome and growing up so fast! Happy Birthday Dylan!