Saturday, June 5, 2010


We were lucky enough to get a great big package of these...
As long as we give a review of the products on this here blog, they are ours to keep!

It was like Christmas at our house as you can imagine! Corbin and Ashlyn went straight for the Sesame Street sets. They loved putting them together, and they love the containers they came in too. I also enjoyed that the instructions gave a lot of ideas to use when playing with your kids. Not only can you put them together in very fun and silly ways but you can use them to teach colors and numbers. As a child development major and MOM I was grateful for yet another fun tool to help my children learn as they play.
Dylan has loved the Collect & Build Construction Crew Series and the Micro-Bots set. He has really loved that some are motorized. He can enjoy building them and then playing with them afterward. Corbin loves to watch "hopper." Obviously, we have rebuilt him many times!However, Dylan seems frustrated when they come apart and sometimes he gets stuck on the directions. But overall he has been able to build most of them on his own. I also have enjoyed the Fire Rescue 10 set because it gives directions to build not just the truck but also 3 or 4 other vehicles. As a mom of a child who mostly only builds straight from the directions and not out of creativity, I am thankful for multiple ways he can use this one set.

I would like to think I am a pretty good builder myself, but Dylan would much rather have dad or a friend build with him. No fair, I like these too!


jeanine said...

So much fun! How did you manage to get them for free?!

The Moyers said...

How fun! And yes, how did you manage to get them for free??