Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Wreaths

I have suddenly become in love with wreaths, I don't know why. But these are a few of my recent favs:
My summer seaside wreath:

And my patriotic wreath:

Tip I learned: remember to actually READ the directions before attempting to try to follow them.


Jen, Dave, and Reagan said...

Everything you make looks so great Michael. you are one talented momma. I better start learning to do things our I'm going to be a pretty lame mom. :-)

Rob, Brooke, Breanna and Ethan said...

You are so creative and talented. I think I might try the July 4th one.....I also LOVE the nursing covers that you made recently. All the fabrics and color choices were awesome, I wish I had a nursing cover that cute and stylish when I was nursing Ethan!!

Amber said...

Hey, just read about you in the Old Testament tonight. Never knew where Michal came from. Now I do. I'm teaching about David and Jonathan in Sunday School tomorrow; should be super fun.

Kristen and Ryan said...

I totally tried to make the patriotic wreath this week and mine did not turn out, at all! I could use a few pointers!