Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Trot

So who of you have done your turkey trot???

I did mine on Saturday in Pinehurst, NC (the golfers out there might recognize this place.) I was lucky enough to be able to do it with a couple of gals from one of the wards in my stake- beats doing it alone.

This 1/2 marathon felt much better than my last one, however, there were more hills. Most the time I was either running up a hill or down a hill. The view was gorgeous but the weather was a little chilly (high of 42.) I was very happy when I beat my last time for a 1:46! I felt pretty good about that!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Jackie, Noel, and Evan said...

I trotted in a car 600 miles to N.C. does that count? You are amazing!

Jenny said...

Way to go! I haven't done a turkey trot. Someday... They had a 5 mile turkey run this last weekend, but it was on Sunday, so I didn't do it. I think a high of 42 sounds warm! I need to get some running tights so I don't freeze.

meech said...

Congratulations Michal! Although we are sad not to have you come to SLC for Thanksgiving, we are all happy for your triumph!

Jessica B said...

You are a speed demon! Congratulations!

Kristen and Ryan said...

You amaze me!

We have lots of fun with you this last week! Evie asked if we could go to your house this morning. :)